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Faithless Elector Update, 6 Dec 2016

Once again, like clockwork, more faithless elector conditioning and trial balloons appear on or shortly before each Tuesday since the election, prompting my weekly article (despite my ongoing wish to be completely wrong about all this). Although the releases have been timed in a way to have the maximum social impact (1), and this discipline […]

Differential Trump Analysis

Some in the Alt-Right are despairing over Trump’s interviewing of various candidates for cabinet positions, including beltway insiders, party hacks and financial oligarchy frontmen. It is too early to despair over these moves. In fact, the failure to make these moves would be cause for despair. Let’s apply differential analysis to this situation and see […]

Faithless Elector Update, 29 Nov 2016

Once again, the faithless elector astroturf plan continues its short march to December. Each week since the election, like clockwork, news about the faithless elector project emerges, compelling me to write an update. I was hoping that this week would be an exception, but no. Yesterday, Wirecutter at the Knuckledraggin blog posted a link to […]

Faithless Elector Update, 22 Nov 2016

The oblate liberty spheroid is abuzz with talk about Trump electors receiving threats of violence unless they change their support when the Electoral College selects the next President in December. As usual, while infuriating, these threats are likely to be misdirection to conceal the actual manipulations behind the scenes. The actual manipulations are likely to […]

The Final Veil Is Falling

Faithless electors. This theoretical flaw feature of the Constitution, which once was the province of fringe conspiracy theorists, now has a face. What was barely thinkable a week ago, is now a rising tide of a leftist social media campaign in the real world, and mainstream media trial balloons. Hint: once these things hit the […]

Breathing Room

Breathing room. God love Trump’s red-hats, I thank them, and I am thankful for them and what they accomplished. While I am cautiously optimistic about the outcome (don’t get me started about the last time I gave myself the luxury of savoring apple-flavored, star-spangled unicorn pie), I’m not dropping my pack. There is still much […]

GeorgePatton325: Should We Vote?

As with JC Dodge last week, GeorgePatton325 nails the Trump vote. Money quote from that post: “Quite frankly, I am supporting Donald Trump merely for his potential to destroy the machine.” A friend and I were discussing this the other day, and I responded that Trump is an icon, meaning a symbol for something else: […]