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The Least You Can Do

Special for Western Rifle Shooters Association readers, 28 May 2011

This is probably the shortest article I will ever write. The point is simple.

In the early months of 2010 I had a conversation with some ex-friends regarding a recent event of the day. "Woe unto us", they exclaimed, rending their garments. "Those poor unfortunates," they sighed. "What a terrible man," they gasped. I sat impassively until the baton had passed around a couple of times. My contribution? "Shit comes around." (Hence the "ex-friends" portion of the program in case you didn't see that coming). Indeed it does come around, and we should not be surprised in the moment as we see it passing by. Sometimes, unfortunates have nothing left to lose, and we're manufacturing them by the gross these days.

Compare this reaction to that of some in the LibertySphere at the time. Self-purported e-leaders and chest-beaters backpedaled furiously, and participated in all manner of ad-hominem trying to scrub their public images. "We didn't mean THAT, of course. Look what a horrible man he was. Not representative of US at all. No sir."

Weeze be good, boss.

Scroll forward to the present. The shit is coming around again, don't you agree?

Now, I've said for years that it isn't yet time. Read up on your Che regarding the attitude of the masses. I don't believe in sacrifice for the sake of a people who haven't yet earned it. Beyond that, I don't believe in self-sacrifice at all, for that matter, believing that there are other days and opportunities in the morrow. After all, the world ahead is going to need our skills and experience. Particularly in the morrow, when we will have an impact far out of proportion to today.

But when it happens this time, at least have the decency to not provide aid and comfort by backpedaling in the moment. "Shit comes around" has many variations. Or say nothing. And watch. And learn. And remember.

That is at least, the least, thing that you all can do, after all, regardless of your station or circumstances or personal struggle. Even you white hats (bless your Constitutionally idealistic hearts) can do this much. Just simply don't feign a tear. It's a good start, and publicly visible callousness is a propaganda weapon in its own right. More along these lines later.

Oh, and purple rhinocerous alpha two six, of course. Repeat this wide and far. Or make up your own and spread that. They all serve the same purpose.

And for all of you looking in the wrong direction, as you have been trained to do, Islam didn't murder Jose Guerena, either, did it? But if Jose Guerena (or Erik Scott, or Randy Weaver's wife and son, or ad nauseum) had been one of them, what do you think they would do?

Think about that.

Speaking of white hats, how did that election turn out, by the way? Good thing your new crop got rid of that Patriot Act. Got kinda close there, didn't it?

Update, 29 May 2011

Yes, Stack and the IRS. The tragedy is that we couldn't reach him in time to help redirect his energy in more fruitful ways. Thanks for all the great comments.

While you enjoy your Memorial Day weekend, check out this video of Jeffersonian liberty at its finest in the land of the free. Be sure to notice the tattoo at the end. Hmmmm, think there's a theme here? Hint: Al Gray expected us to read and understand in ways that Leviathan could not anticipate. His legacy has endured in many, and transcends the keeping of an oath to a piece of paper.

Semper Fi, Jose. Semper Fi, Adam and friends.
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