Starving the Monkeys: Fight Back Smarter

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Acknowledgments for "Starving the Monkeys"

I wish to thank all of those readers of the first version who provided feedback for typos and indicated concepts which should have been explained more clearly. These people are brave souls who ventured past the eye-searing cover of the previous version to take the time to find out what was on its pages. Accordingly, they applied the adage that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. And yet, in our highly marketed modern world, we all have to accept those limitations. For now. Hang onto those crayon-colored books, my friends, especially those numbered and/or autographed copies some of you have. One day they may be worth something as a limited first version. You never know.

I especially thank all those readers who reached out to me and let me know how this material echoes what they have been thinking for years. That was the point, to let you know that you aren't alone, despite how the collectivists on both sides try to keep you enslaved to them. I appreciate each and every one of those emails. Keep them coming.

Not all who encountered this book were fans of the material, however. More than a few suit-monkeys were horrified by what they found here. Good. That's the point. Thanks to those suit-monkeys who let me know how this work threatens their ability to continue stealing from the rest of us. Accordingly, some of those portions have been dialed up a notch in this version. You suit-monkeys keep those closed doors, emails, reviews and blog hate posts coming too, because this edition is certainly not the last word on the topic. Keep feeding me your fears, for those are the raw material for the engine of war we will use to defeat you.

I also thank Jedidiah Short for thinking of the new cover concept of the cymbal monkey sitting on a pile of change. Audrey, in addition to her proof-reading duties, added to this the Constitution, storm clouds and party buttons. Finally, I thank Monica Yother for her great work pulling all these ideas together into that hilarious cover. Monkey looks most disturbed, doesn't he? He should be.
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