The Platoon Leader’s Weapon

The Marxists/globalists have already missed their window of opportunity: weapon bans will no longer be effective toward their goal of a helpless populace.

Pop quiz for “GFY Joe” and handlers: what is a platoon (or squad, etc.) leader’s weapon? It’s an easy one. Call down to Quantico and ask the newest TBS grad 2ndLt.

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A Hilarious Loyalty Oath

In my most recent article, “How Empires Live and Die“, I had promised that my next article would describe one way in which the US empire will disintegrate into ethnostates. But, upon return from a recent business trip, I encountered something so relevant to that previous article that I had to post this article first. In the Empires article I mentioned that Janissaries (locals embued with empire mythology and then returned to an area to herd the locals to the empire’s interests) would someday be encouraged to make public loyalty oaths. I did not anticipate that this public loyalty oath would extend to other groups as well. Imagine my surprise when I opened my September edition of “Shipmate”, the official Naval Academy alumni magazine, to find exactly such a loyalty oath from some of my ’88 classmates. This one, however, is so childish and naive that the reader can’t help but smile!

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How Empires Live and Die

The US empire is dying, and there is nothing that any of us can do to stop it. Fortunately, empires are created, live and die according to certain historical patterns, and for similar motivations, so we can better prepare ourselves for what comes next by understanding these patterns, generalized here for brevity. The current empire follows the same patterns, accelerated in time somewhat in this case, although generally these phases take hundreds of years to consummate.

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Strawberry Runner Explosion

Regular readers may recall that we are very into using hugelkultur mounds, in which wood is buried under a planting mound to supply nutrients as the wood rots, store water in the mound like a sponge, and to keep the soil in the mound aerated as the wood mass shrinks over time. In the fall of 2019, we put in a hugelkultur mound for strawberries. Here is a shot of that mound under construction, wood on the trailer on the right winds up in the trench, subsequently covered by the dirt pile on the left: » ( Read more of Strawberry Runner Explosion… )

True Confessions of a Covid Denier

Mid March, just as a pending lockdown of the Dallas/Fort-Worth (DFW) area was being announced, I was turning onto I-30 heading back to Tennessee. My trusty Infiniti FX35 (aka “Missy”), with which I have weathered many client engagements, was full to the brim with client material, after what was to be a many-months onsite assignment was suddenly converted into remote. My one-month stay in DFW, my corporate apartment lying within view of the airport compound, managed to span the rise of the well over-hyped Covid hysteria, including seeing urban DFW natives converted almost overnight into preppers. Good for them, more on that later.

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Open Source Rocketry

I recently stumbled across some fascinating videos by amateur rocketeer Joe Barnard, whose YouTube channel is chock full of interesting projects. Armed with a 3D printer, model rocket components and some fairly simple custom electronics, he has created some amazing results. One interesting video series is his model rocket silo project (more video links given later in the article), including the launch of a fin-less vectored-thrust rocket from that silo that reminds one of a submarine-launched ballistic missile.

What really caught my eye, though, was his three-engine vectored-thrust Falcon Heavy model, shown to the right in mid-flight (the center engine did not ignite during this flight). In that pic (taken from a video linked far below), the thrust vectoring for this fin-less model is clearly visible, particularly with the right-most engine. Other test flights show more dramatic vectoring, more on this later. To his credit, Joe doesn’t filter out his failures, but instead documents his process, warts and all, including crashes, flameouts, fires, control losses and so on.

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Happy Moon Day!

The first Moon landing was 50 years ago today. We’re celebrating today with Moon cookies (chocolate chip cookies with the chips mushed in while they are warm, making little craters). We should be celebrating today on the Moon itself, but Nixon, Ford, and Carter put an end to that.

Prior to the landings, a proposed Space Launch System (not the wimpy rebranded Shuttle version of SLS or current SLS concepts) would leverage the existing designs of the Apollo program to re-use the Saturn V third stages, and derive new designs from that stage, to implement a number of elements that would remain in space. One of these elements was to be a nuclear-powered tug that would ferry cargoes between Earth orbit and lunar orbit, needing only reaction mass to be resupplied periodically (hence the use of the third stage tanks).

Carter, a nuclear engineer, made a unique contribution to grounding humanity by banning the reprocessing of nuclear fuel wastes, leaving 95% of the available energy locked away and fueling instead concerns over nuclear waste storage. As a result, instead of trans-lunar tugs, we have 20 times the amount of nuclear waste, and waste which contains the vastly longer-lived isotopes that would otherwise be burned as fuel.

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Yellow Vests and You


The growing Yellow Vest (Gilets Jaunes) phenomenon in France is an important milestone in the evolution of resistance to the globalist self-selected elites. Unsurprisingly, the usual globalist suspects are using their power and influence to divert attention from this movement, and to subvert or muddy the waters regarding their intentions. Here is what I’ve been able to glean from what information has been leaking out, the various opinions and reactions, and how this movement educates us about our own domestic future.

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Selecting A Rural Area

I was invited by NC Renegade to speak in Murphy, North Carolina, about local government topics. This talk centered around a process for selecting a rural area, and how the growing threat of the criminal + local corruption alliance can affect that decision. We really appreciate the hospitality shown to us by the NC Renegade team that weekend, it was a great experience. Video of the presentation, shot and posted by NC Renegade, is shown below.

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