Maf is Hard

Maf is hard, but maf itself is by no means secret. Neither is science (scienf?) secret. Both of those, math and science, while they may be hard to understand, work the same for anyone who cares to look, by definition.

What is hard to understand, however, is why the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) recently chose to investigate the Grim Reapers, a bunch of gamers led by SuperCap, ordering the latter to turn over any information in his possession. For playing a game. Admittedly, it is a game that shows that the U.S. Navy is way behind the power curve against an array of potential adversaries, as described in a previous article, Wet Paper Tiger. More on that in a bit.

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Wet Paper Tiger

As the empire continues to collapse, losing foreign wars but turning inward upon its own citizens with threats and bluster, its military forces will continue to embarrass themselves. In particular, the US Navy will soon be revealed as a wet paper tiger, boasting a carrier battle group (CBG) force structure designed solely to punish small-state defectors from the petrodollar, rather than having any connection whatsoever to the historical missions of power projection and sea control. When faced with a sufficiently determined “near peer” adversary, the CBG is likely to collapse like a house of cards. This is a fact which has been known through wargaming since the mid-1970s, and through internal DoD studies since the late 1950s. The author’s credentials to make the bold claims in this article are substantiated at the end of this piece. Although the predictions are grim, former provinces (i.e., “states”) of the collapsing empire can benefit from the correct interpretations of these issues. In other words, it is completely unnecessary to defeat, or even combat, the dying empire, it is only necessary to not lose to it.

Carrier Battle Group (CBG) History

The modern composition, theory and public perception of the US Navy CBG is based on a single heavily-biased precedent, that of fighting the Japanese Navy in the Pacific during World War II. This CBG-vs-CBG is an historical anomaly that will never again be repeated. Because of its victory in that war, the US Navy learned the wrong lessons. Every other observant nation learned the correct lesson, which is that the Japanese Navy abandoned its natural maritime aviation (defined later) high ground, to its detriment.

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1775 to 2019. Not a bad run. Anyone who knows me for more than about five minutes knows that I am a proud Marine. But my beloved Corps has died, replaced by a hollow shell of its former self. The II MEF Tucker Carlson debacle didn’t kill it; he only did battle with a zombie Corps(e) that had already died.

No, the true date of death can be measured by installation of the fully-out globalist Commandant David H. Berger, who was installed on the 11th of July, 2019. Sure, the previous Commandant, Robert Neller, made globalist history by paving the way for “women in combat roles”, but I attribute this to ear-whispering careerism. Berger, on the other hand, is unquestionably detrimental to the history and morale of the Corps, and acts with zealous fervor in a manner which appears to be wholly dedicated to its destruction.

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The Greatest Crime Against Humanity

Regular readers know that I’m a big fan of Miles Mathis, both for his science and political insights. We don’t always agree on the details, but he recently posted a piece that hits it out of the park:

The Greatest Crime Against Humanity

I don’t normally recommend Miles’ work to homeschoolers as curriculum (opposed to homeschooling parents who might benefit, especially from the political analyses), because to be “successful students” in college, they would have to hold two sets of ideas in their minds at once: “establishment thought” and “things Miles writes about which make a lot more sense in many ways than establishment thought”. Regular readers may recall this article about the Macroeconomics CLEP, with some tips about how to coach kids to pass “establishment thought” tests; I’ve been coaching my kids for decades about establishment history and science. Same with Miles’ work, only to a couple of orders magnitude greater.

Miles’ latest article, however, is an exception to this rule: I think this Miles article could be appropriate for just about every traditional-values late-teen homeschooler and public schooler alike. The former can be inoculated against manufactured idiocy, while the latter can be detoxed from the cobwebs wrapped around them daily. Read for yourself and decide. For younger students, the risque portions can be skipped and yet the rest would still stand alone as useful material.

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The Platoon Leader’s Weapon

The Marxists/globalists have already missed their window of opportunity: weapon bans will no longer be effective toward their goal of a helpless populace.

Pop quiz for “GFY Joe” and handlers: what is a platoon (or squad, etc.) leader’s weapon? It’s an easy one. Call down to Quantico and ask the newest TBS grad 2ndLt.

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A Hilarious Loyalty Oath

In my most recent article, “How Empires Live and Die“, I had promised that my next article would describe one way in which the US empire will disintegrate into ethnostates. But, upon return from a recent business trip, I encountered something so relevant to that previous article that I had to post this article first. In the Empires article I mentioned that Janissaries (locals embued with empire mythology and then returned to an area to herd the locals to the empire’s interests) would someday be encouraged to make public loyalty oaths. I did not anticipate that this public loyalty oath would extend to other groups as well. Imagine my surprise when I opened my September edition of “Shipmate”, the official Naval Academy alumni magazine, to find exactly such a loyalty oath from some of my ’88 classmates. This one, however, is so childish and naive that the reader can’t help but smile!

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How Empires Live and Die

The US empire is dying, and there is nothing that any of us can do to stop it. Fortunately, empires are created, live and die according to certain historical patterns, and for similar motivations, so we can better prepare ourselves for what comes next by understanding these patterns, generalized here for brevity. The current empire follows the same patterns, accelerated in time somewhat in this case, although generally these phases take hundreds of years to consummate.

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Strawberry Runner Explosion

Regular readers may recall that we are very into using hugelkultur mounds, in which wood is buried under a planting mound to supply nutrients as the wood rots, store water in the mound like a sponge, and to keep the soil in the mound aerated as the wood mass shrinks over time. In the fall of 2019, we put in a hugelkultur mound for strawberries. Here is a shot of that mound under construction, wood on the trailer on the right winds up in the trench, subsequently covered by the dirt pile on the left: » ( Read more of Strawberry Runner Explosion… )

True Confessions of a Covid Denier

Mid March, just as a pending lockdown of the Dallas/Fort-Worth (DFW) area was being announced, I was turning onto I-30 heading back to Tennessee. My trusty Infiniti FX35 (aka “Missy”), with which I have weathered many client engagements, was full to the brim with client material, after what was to be a many-months onsite assignment was suddenly converted into remote. My one-month stay in DFW, my corporate apartment lying within view of the airport compound, managed to span the rise of the well over-hyped Covid hysteria, including seeing urban DFW natives converted almost overnight into preppers. Good for them, more on that later.

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