Starving the Monkeys: Fight Back Smarter

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Why No "Starving the Monkeys" Blog?

Why don't we have a blog for this book? Well, four reasons:

Reason #1:  We feel that the major benefit of the book should be accessible to individuals without their having to join any collective, even the limited collective of a blog. So blogging, while appropriate for some purposes, isn't indicated for this book.

Reason #2:  A major theme of the book is to think for yourself. Blogging tends to degenerate in many cases into off-topic or populist shouting-down of individual ideas as cliques begin to form. Again, not appropriate for this book.

Reason #3:  We want you to think for yourself, and not rely upon the opinions of anyone, not even ours. And we don't want to spend our time trying to manage or filter those conversations.

Reason #4:  We will let you figure this one out for yourself.
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