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Epilogue III from "Starving the Monkeys"

I released the first version of this work, subtitled "An Entrepreneurial Horror," in June of 2009. The cover of that book featured the trademarked Banana-HammerTM logo, as shown to the right (in the text). Unfortunately, many who saw that logo didn't get the joke, and thought that this was a book promoting communism. This turned out to be fortuitous, since the new cover is much better, and more intuitively indicative of the contents.

It is now October of 2009, and the world is already a different place, as the various collectives struggle for control over what is already a shrunken pie of our economy. A pie which is shrinking faster still, not yet due to the influence of this book, but as the inevitable result of the way of the monkey of the left and the right.

Effectively, we now live in a third-world country. The largess of our nation is handed to whatever influential party has access to the halls of power. Banks which no longer provide banking services can write themselves checks as large as they wish. As can political canvassing organizations, car companies, investment firms, privatized prisons, environmental advocates, etc. Missing from the picture to make the comparison obvious are the four-wheel-drives with rear-mounted machine guns used to haul away the loot; in our advanced society the same plunder is transferred via computer. But the effect on our currency, and our treasure, and our hard-earned savings, and our work ethic will be the same when the inflation begins to mount.

For some, this book has had a profound impact already. I have been overwhelmed by the intensity of the reaction in some who have written me to tell me that this book "shook them awake" or transformed the priorities in their lives. Or those who hear my voice on the radio or read these words and tell me that these resonated with their convictions. I thank all of them for their thoughts, and in truth, I have merely repackaged ancient ideas, or put them in modern terms and supplied modern examples. These ideas are timeless, we have merely strayed from the path which took so long, and so many generations, to pave. And yet, there are millions, if not billions, of people who mouth these ideas as if a mantra and then turn away from their own words as they rip those pavements from the earth and heave them into the weeds in their teeming ignorance.

Some readers have suggested that I try to reach these millions through various strategies. They believe that by "going viral" we may convince those millions to understand these words and apply them. And all I have to do to make this happen, some say, is to give this book away. To place it into the free domain of the collective, as it were. Because, they argue, if I believe that these ideas truly are the essential foundations of civilization, shouldn't I be happy to give these words away? However, to do so would be to miss the point of this book entirely. I won't even bother to explain why because if you understand this idea you need no explanation. If you don't understand, nothing I say here in these few remaining pages will convince you otherwise if the previous four hundred pages or so haven't.

This message has been generating attention, as the collectivists are beginning to awaken to this threat to their way of life, a way of life which exists only at our expense. For one example among many, I have been suspected of trying to divide the 912 movement. That movement, I predict, history will show to simply be a cleverly disguised ploy by the GOP to revive its brand image, but not its substance. As alluded by the new cover of this book, all of the philosophical warfare you are allowed to hear is merely one collective "battling" another for control of your spirit. Neither "side", as if there is such a distinction, is interested in restoring individual liberty; those are just words used to woo you.

And yet, those words are sufficient to woo millions, and continue to lead them astray. The 912 movement, while started as a sham, does serve two useful purposes. The first is that it has concentrated our brothers, although even there they are still woefully dilute. Nonetheless, the increased concentration in that movement, and others, versus the world at large serves a second purpose, which is to provide a forum for reaching out to them more easily. The early success at doing just that during late June through early July of 2009 led to that original forum being shut down for comment after my efforts to pay for advertising in so-called conservative venues were denied. Venues which, by the way, gladly accept advertising from their purported "opposition". As I write this, the collectivists on the right are busy trying to gobble up and contain the other forums which squirted out the edges in response to their censorship.

But this isn't a book, or an epilogue, about the 912 movement. I extend that as only one example of how we can use the pre-existing frameworks to reach out to find each other. This is a task which is harder than enriching uranium, as the valuable fraction there is generously provided by nature as one atom of the good diluted by about seven hundred atoms of the dross. Our number in the dross is far less generous, but which will ultimately prove more powerful if the separation can be accomplished. So I don't wish to divide the 912 movement, or any other sham organization which purports to speak for us. I wish instead to separate out those who will hear. And those who will act. Those who will hear and act will understand immediately what I mean. Those who only intellectualize liberty will argue semantics but not recognize the power which I am speaking of.

Which brings me to the following conclusion about myself. I don't care about those millions, or even billions. I only care about those few who revive these ancient principles in their own lives. I know that most people, they who surround us, have heard these words before their entire lives, in many forms and through many voices. And each time, they have turned away from them. It does no good for those of us who understand to waste our time arguing with idiots or intellectuals alike, they being the same in many important ways. Or to think that cleverly illustrated picture books are substitutes for genuine thought or the hard-won gradual and persistent attainment of knowledge or wisdom or skills.

If there are only the thousands who have already taken these words to heart, they would be enough. Together, those few of us could easily rebuild civilization by ourselves. And then hand that civilization over to our children who could continue the work. If eventually these words, through my voice and the voices of others, reached hundreds of thousands or even tens of millions, great! But it is not necessary that this happen. And imagine the sorrow of rebuilding civilization, only to hand it back to those of the collective whom we had to convince to join us, only to have them destroy it all once again when they revert back to their old selves. And after all, there is really no "us" for them to "join", is there? No party, no group, no movement, not even a blog.

There are only those of us who understand, the individualists for whom this nation was founded, the rightful heirs of the founders, who will work and trade fairly with each other. And then there are all the rest of them, those who won't, and who are only willing to eat off our plates. Those whom we must starve of our efforts. And should they perish, it is by their own will that they do so. Do not mourn them as their passing is not a loss to you.

Other voices? Yes, others who found these ideas the same place I did, the keystones of civilization now lying cast off among the debris, unseen and overlooked. I lay claim to this book's artistic expression of these ideas, but the foundational ideas are universal. Yet, you could place these words in front of some of the smartest people you know, and most of them won't comprehend the message, as they pick at the details. Some could even parrot them, but not understand their meaning. Others will adopt a veneer of these ideas just enough to attempt to lend credence to their own purposes, but not enough to contradict their agendas. And then, sound stilted and odd over time as they ignore the true meaning.

So stop trying to win them over. I have, which gave me time to be now reaching out to you. The effort to convince others is a waste of our energy, effort better spent on improving ourselves and our families. Give them the message, but if they refuse to accept its meaning let them pass. When you do reach someone who understands, someone who is ready to receive the true ancient message of these words, you will recognize it in his face. You will see this person, who was full of anger and frustration, become energized with hope, real hope, not the false hope sold by collectives. No, the hope which springs from the knowledge that he himself is a force of nature who has been endowed by the Creator with ability.

And that he is no longer alone, that there is a growing number of others who are waiting to trade with him in a currency which cannot be stolen or deflated.
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