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Self-Study Courses
• Ever wonder how to get those computerized tractors and industrial equipment working again after the collapse? Check out the new SoftBaugh Professional Development Course Series. Our intention is to teach people, over a series of 12-20 courses, from zero to understanding microcontrollers, electronics, embedded firmware and industrial controllers. Perfect course material for homeschoolers or adult self-study. The first course in this series teaches Python to set the stage for later courses.

Social Networking
• Visit the Facebook fan site (not run by us).

Public Appearances
• James Edwards interviewed Tom about his New York Who? article. Catch the YouTube video of this interview (part 1 of 2).
• Free Talk Live interviewed Tom at the Free State Project's 2010 Liberty Forum. Catch the YouTube video of this interview.
• Tom spoke this March at opening ceremonies for the Free State Project Liberty Forum. Judge Andrew Napolitano was the keynote speaker that Friday. Tom warmed up the crowd before lunch that morning with some of his special cuts of raw meat. Watch the entire presentation here. Warning: Later portions are not for the faint of heart.
NBC Interviews Mike Vanderboegh of the Three Percenters. Listen to the entire interview and everything Mike says, and notice what book is lying on the table at 2:25.
• Listen to a recent interview by Farren Shoaf on The Real News Radio (mp3 hosted on Liberty News Radio).
• Listen to another recent interview by James Edwards on The Political Cesspool (mp3 hosted on Liberty News Radio).

More Tom Articles
"Foolproof Gun Grabbing", a possible dirty-tricks scenario to leverage evangelical biases.
"A Plus B Equals Your Worst Nightmare" (on Liberty News Radio), a discussion of a possible stealth radiological dirty bomb.
Text of Tom's Speech at the 2010 NC Open Carry Rally.
"Bonds? What Bonds?" (on Militant Libertarian, with comments) So what if we just decided to not own them, or pay them back? National debt solved!
"New York? New York Who?" (on Liberty News Radio) After you get OK with ditching slave paper, read what to do about the slave traders.
"When To Shoot The Colonels" implodes a dangerous fantasy.
"How Many Shoes?" because stockpiling isn't enough.
"Patriots and Pies" reviews that classic survivalist novel.
"Hyperinflated Entitlements" (on WRS, with comments) uncovers yet another way in which the nationals can print money at your expense.

Tom's A Nation Without a Country Secession Series on
Part I: Understanding the Battlefield
Part II: The Second Shot
Part III: Warm Live Hands
Part IV: A Civilized Secession
Part V: Crisis Secession
Part VI: Stacking the Deck

Other Important Sites/Articles
• Participate in the fan-concept Project Beanstalk to start depriving the system of your participation.
• George Lansing's Victory Egg Garden site offers a unique path to growing your own food with the help of God's expert farmers, chickens. I don't like clipping wings, though; ours have managed to survive multiple weasel attacks by being able to fly a little.
"How To Get Rid of Government Dead Wood Without Firing A Shot", by Anthony G. Martin on Focuses on one economic aspect of STM.
• Comment with other bloggers on "When To Shoot The Colonels", and related follow-up posts on the Western Rifle Shooters blog. Bookmark that entire blog and read the articles frequently and in detail. Those guys are deep thinkers who understand exactly where things are heading, and what you need to know to win this war.
• Russ Longcore's site is a key secessionist think-tank.
• Read several reviews of Starving the Monkeys on Free Republic, with comments.

Other Important Books
"Hologram of Liberty", by Kenneth W. Royce (a.k.a. Boston T. Party)
"Your First Tractor", by Gary, Rudy and Clay Brown
"Patriots", by James Wesley Rawles
"Enemies: Foreign and Domestic", by Matt Bracken

Other Important Books

Hologram of Liberty
by Kenneth W. Royce (a.k.a. Boston T. Party).

Learn why our faith in The Constitution is woefully misplaced. This book should be the foundational document of every libertarian or liberty event.

Your First Tractor: Purchase, Operation and Service
by Gary, Rudy and Clay Brown.

After defensive weapons, a tractor can be your most important survival tool. Learn how to find and operate a good one by reading this book. For surburban refugees in particular, "Your First Tractor" is an essential reference.

by James Wesley Rawles.

This classic survival book is essentially a high-end shopping list of stuff and ideas you might need later.

Enemies: Foreign and Domestic
by Matt Bracken.

An excellent discussion of how ordinary people deal with a crisis precipitated by government rogues. Great tips for when they all turn rogue and come to get you.


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