Starving the Monkeys: Fight Back Smarter

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Inside "Starving the Monkeys"

Take a few minutes and browse around selections from the book.

I clearly define who the monkeys are. This definition is a must-read, and will give many clues about the material in this book. This definition may surprise some, particularly those prone to rash judgement.

The Table of Contents contains additional notes about each chapter. My inspiration for this book is given as the Foreword. I thank several people for their contributions, and some who probably wish they hadn't contributed, in the Acknowledgments.

More clues to the content are available on the Selected Excerpts page. Like much of the material in this book, some of these can be totally misunderstood when taken out of context, so make sure that you read the book from cover to cover, in order, when you get it.

I give a little of the history of the message in the new Epilogue III for the October 2009 edition. I also encourage the reader to not try too hard to "convert" anyone. Let them live or die by their own choice.

You can find out a little about me on the About the Author page. Some of the book is autobiographical, and provides my personal experiences that led to the conclusions in the book. At one time, I thought I might be way off base about these ideas, but when many of my clients and customers, out of many thousands, began to reveal similar concerns, I knew I was on-target.

Hence, this book.

Finally, keep checking the Errata page, we'll try to update this page as we get reports of errors in the text. In addition to grammar and speling errors, let us know if you think any of my background facts are wrong. I'll be happy to post corrections here to make sure that the book represents reality as close as possible. Factual errors only, please, opinions are better served on a blog somewhere.

We're considering offering some nominal prizes to those who are the first to report each error. Stay tuned.
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