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The United States Constitution: A Hologram of Liberty
A Review of the Kenneth W. Royce (a.k.a. Boston T. Party) Book

A few months ago I read Boston T. Party's book Hologram of Liberty for the first time, and I was shocked. Until then, I was as much of a die-hard Constitutionalist as is possible for someone to be. Not any more.

This book is a well-researched, scholarly dissection of the frauds surrounding the convention, the framing and the ratification of the Constitution for the United States of America. Any thinking person who reads this book should walk away angry at the hoax that has been perpetrated on the people of this country. So why hasn't this happened in droves? Two reasons.

First, this books strikes at the core of all contemporary political debate. Don't let the publication date of 1997 fool you; the material here is timeless. With a complete grasp of these ideas, it is easy to see that the left-right debate is merely a pointless sham. Powerful interests derive their power from your participation in a heated struggle, and don't want you to realize that the struggle itself is based on a lie.

Second, people want to believe in the nobility of the framers. Popular conservative talk show hosts are currently putting on such ridiculous eulogizings as "Founders Fridays" to prop up this myth. Yet, those people were fallible, like everyone else, and equally susceptible to the corruption of power, and gullible to fraud. Boston provides many examples in this book of how many of our nobility were complicit in speculative equity and land deals in ways that would make modern schemers blush.

For these reasons, and others, you won't find many tea party flag-wavers who will enjoy this book very much. Instead, those people will dismiss it, and the author, as treasonous, because that doesn't require the thought that this book demands.

Consider the following from the back cover:

Civic Belief #1

Congress was given few specific powers. All else was left to the States and to the people. Ample checks and balances protect the Republic from federal tyranny.

Civic Belief #2

The Federal Government has become so powerful only because despotic officials have overstepped their strict constitutional bounds.

If #1 is true, then how did #2 happen?

As Lysander Spooner described it over a century ago:

"The Constitution has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it."

Think about that. By either the Constitution's purposeful design, or by its unintentional weakness, we suffer a federal colossus which takes a third of our lives and regulates everything from axles to yarn.

So, why aren't Americans free? Perhaps we weren't really meant to be!

For example, the feds "monitor" themselves through the Supreme Court, like students grading their own tests! Where is any "check and balance" in that? There is no constitutional way to repeal Supreme Court rulings, and this was no accident. The Framers could have (as did the swiss) quite easily confined the Federal Government, but they didn't want to.

The "Founding Lawyers" of 1787 left the federal fleas in control of their own flea powder, and that's why we have an unchallengeable government today. Cleverly designed to be weak, the Constitution is more form than substance, or else Freedom would ring in America.

Kenneth Royce proves that the States and the American people were politically "checkmated" 210 years ago, and discusses his three peaceful solutions prior to the imminent insurrection now brewing. Hologram of Liberty is truly the groundbreaking, vital analysis of the Constitution.

It is astonishing that this book, given its age, isn't the cornerstone of every libertarian or liberty event in the country. It is disturbing that so few people involved in those movements have read it, or in some cases, even heard about it. Neither had I, of course, but I was blown away when I read it. Now, many things make more sense, including the gut-level triteness of most neo-patriots, who cheer something they haven't taken the time to fully understand. Yet, this book explains why the protections of the Constitution necessarily shrink over time, while the powers expand without bound. Boston clearly explains why our current political environment is a direct consequence of the Constitution, and not in spite of it.

Oh, and for all you veterans (of which I am one, as readers of Starving the Monkeys know all too well), remember that oath you took to the Constitution? Your oath was obtained by fraud, and as such, you are ethically released from any obligation to it. So proceed accordingly. Don't believe me? Then read this book and decide for yourself.

We are proud to announce that we now carry this excellent book in our shop. You can buy it for a $4 discount off the cover price here. Or, order in a bundle with Starving the Monkeys and save a total of $9, or in a bundle with Starving the Monkeys and Molon Labe! and save $19.

Regardless of how you get a copy of HoL, read Starving the Monkeys first, then apply those thoughts to reading Hologram of Liberty. Afterward, you won't look at our country the same again, and will long for true liberty on these shores.

Then, this interview, based on this article, will make a lot more sense.
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