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Liberty Forum 2010 Appearances

In March, Tom was invited to speak at the 2010 Liberty Forum in New Hampshire. This event, sponsored by the Free State Project, gathered over two dozen excellent speakers, including the Friday keynote speaker Judge Andrew Napolitano, Saturday keynote speaker NH Rep. Dan Itse, also known as Rep. Firebreather (Tom's words), and Sunday keynote speaker Jacob Hornberger, and hundreds of attendees. Tom was asked to throw out some of his special cuts of raw meat before lunch during the opening ceremonies. This presentation is available on YouTube as eight parts, listed in order below, along with a brief interview with Free Talk Live radio program on Saturday evening.

Warning: Later portions are not for the faint of heart.

To see the slides, watch the videos in high resolution on YouTube by following the provided links.

Part 1 of 8 (on YouTube):
Introduction, The Problem, Defining Liberty, Ineffective Strategies

Part 2 of 8 (on YouTube):
The Enemies of Liberty, The Myth of Justice, Offender Registries, Nothing Left to Lose

Part 3 of 8 (on YouTube):
Tyranny of the Nice, This is Not a Civil Rights Era, The Myth of Oaths, Liberty Versus Civility, No Cold Dead Hands

Part 4 of 8 (on YouTube):
Who the Enemies of Liberty Are NOT, Our Battleground, The Font of Value, Quality of Life, Friend or Foe, Corporatism

Part 5 of 8 (on YouTube):
Regulation Surfers, The Myth of Sheeple, Beneficiaries of the Status Quo, They Surround Us

Part 6 of 8 (on YouTube):
Where Ayn Rand Was Wrong, Unstoppable Crisis, Worse Than ..., Irreparable Economic Damage

Part 7 of 8 (on YouTube)
Scrapping of Infrastructure, Lessons Learned, IRS Hockey Stick, Take Heart, Anatomy of a Crisis, Influencing the Recovery, Stone Soup, The Myth of Labor Value, The Value of Ideas

View Slide 33 from that segment, Anatomy of a Crisis (pdf)

Part 8 of 8: on YouTube.
Schools and Obedience, The Value of Ideas, The Myth of Gold and Silver, Investment Versus Speculation, The Mythical Prepared Retreat, Individual Preparation, Conclusion, Audience Comments

Interview with Free Talk Live: on YouTube.

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