Monthly Archives: December 2016

Georgia Open Records Act

Leech City has released a new article in its leechwatching tools series, this time about the Georgia Open Records Act, or GORA for short. In terms of behavorial modification, the previous article in this series described the Georgia Open Meetings Act, a means by which public officials, our servants, can come face-to-face with their masters. […]

Multicolor Off-Grid Christmas Lights

Old School Tech has released the final article in the off-grid Christmas light series, this time with a discussion about multi-color lights, their analysis and a useful generic design procedure. Homeschoolers will find a nice wrap-up in this article with a more scientific process that makes a great science project, linking science, electronics and statistics. […]

Welcome to Leith, Georgia

Although we’re throttling back on posts to enjoy this Christmas with friends and family, we want to make a video recommendation. This video is required viewing for all those interested in putting their local tyrants on a leash. Welcome to Leith is a recent documentary about the efforts of a small town to ward off […]

100,000 Visitors

Since starting this new blog format a little over two months ago, we’ve reached the 100,000 visitor milestone (with a little under a quarter of a million hits) on this site alone. Although modest in terms of other blogs, this is wildly more successful than I thought it would be, given my level of advanced […]

Red Off-Grid Christmas Lights

Old School Tech has published the latest in their off-grid emergency lighting series, this time on the adaptation of red LED Christmas lights for off-grid DC operation. Red LEDs have an important application to community defense purposes, in that they help preserve night-vision. As such, they are uniquely useful for use in an operations center […]

Testing Emergency Solar Christmas Lights

Old School Tech has released a new article in the emergency solar Christmas light series, a topic of interest to self-sufficiency enthusiasts who need a little bit of extra light in those dark corners but don’t want to use valuable inverter capacity. This time, an easy-to-make test fixture is described which overcomes the quality problems […]

Three Blind Manassas Mice Agree To Training

As posted over at Leech City, Manassas city council members have finally relented and agreed to attend the state-mandated training for elected officials in the new year. We take full credit for this development. For years, the council members (Audrey solely excepted) had been steadfast in their refusal to attend this training. As such, this […]