1775 to 2019. Not a bad run. Anyone who knows me for more than about five minutes knows that I am a proud Marine. But my beloved Corps has died, replaced by a hollow shell of its former self. The II MEF Tucker Carlson debacle didn’t kill it; he only did battle with a zombie Corps(e) that had already died.

No, the true date of death can be measured by installation of the fully-out globalist Commandant David H. Berger, who was installed on the 11th of July, 2019. Sure, the previous Commandant, Robert Neller, made globalist history by paving the way for “women in combat roles”, but I attribute this to ear-whispering careerism. Berger, on the other hand, is unquestionably detrimental to the history and morale of the Corps, and acts with zealous fervor in a manner which appears to be wholly dedicated to its destruction.

Note that I do not refer to either of these two as “Generals”. I doubt seriously whether Berger can explain in detail the symbolism of the Cake Cutting without referring to notes or weasel-wording globalist interpretations. Neller may be able to make a good showing of the ideas at least.

Regular readers will note that I very recently predicted, in this piece, that when empires die, imperial institutions become self-loyal and abandon the principles of service to the people. And in this later piece, some Naval Academy grads have become a source of self-ridicule for absurd loyalty oaths. The Tucker Carlson thing highlights that this is clearly the case for today’s USMC.

And now, the USMC has gone full globalist, demonstrating its disdain for a large segment of the empire. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see where this leads. I’ve been warning for some time to not count on the military to take the side of inalienable rights but instead that the senior leadership, in all branches, with the USMC the last to fall, is wholly owned by globalist/Marxist interests (although in earlier years I didn’t know the terms to use, and simply called they and their ilk “monkeys”, but they are far worse than this). I should revive some of these legacy StM pieces and see how chillingly accurate these pieces actually were. Remember, I went to school and lived daily with some of these creatures that are now in high military and civilian positions. I’ve seen how corrupt and corruptible some of them are. I’m not going to give you the usual 99% good / 1% bad canard that is usually parroted for LE because the mix is much, much worse than that at high ranks, and worsens as one goes up.

Back in the day, as one of the first Desert Storm veterans assigned to recruiting duty, and as the OpsO of MCRS Cincinnati, one of my duties was to interview, investigate and write waiver packages on marginal applicants. None of my detailed waiver packages (which became known as “Another Dime Novel by 1stLt Baugh, USMC”), reserved exclusively for those whom I thought would make reliable and audacious killers (i.e., a Marine), were ever declined. If any killers are being admitted today, it is most likely those who are politically reliable and as or more likely to turn inward rather than out. Any dangerous rot at the top will inevitably filter downward, until the point at which decades of irreparable damage will have been done: that is how the system works. We’re already seeing the blatant lack of respect for “the other” in the form of heritage Americans; this sort of public spectacle outward manifestation doesn’t happen by accident.

There is a silver lining in all this, however. The more globalist these entities become, they become less and less capable at their primary mission. In the space of less than two years, Berger has served well his subversive mission of deliberately undermining morale and capability (through many actions and policies not worth listing here). Expect the ZUSMC (Zombie USMC) to be brutally routed on the world stage someday, and perhaps soon. I won’t shed a single tear; anyone remaining or joining today knows full well what rainbow-colored puppy they are joining, rather than Devil Dogs of years’ past.

Sent by a friend, source unknown, but cleverly apt. Forgive the lower-case on Marines.

As with carrier battle groups, known for about a half century as obsolete in the face of increasing technology in the maritime and littoral space (more on this later), the modern American conventional military can no longer serve as a credible threat to any nation which itself is an actual threat. And high officials have also “joked” about (i.e., trial-ballooned) the idea of using nuclear weapons on difficult Americans (this means you). So it would be best to write off the imperial military as being any use against an actual existential threat. What actually protects you and yours is that “rifle behind every blade of grass”. Just as American naval power projection is a thing of the past, so is any other power projection pointed in this direction: any invading forces would be chewed up quickly within any red state after departing the welcoming arms of blue staters. Rational nationalists, on all sides, know well this fact. All that has actually gone away is the ability to create wars against credible opponents, and even the pool of easy target nations (usually defined as those non-nuclear states which defy the petrodollar) is shrinking as morale and readiness plummet among imperial forces. Globalists should be deeply concerned; you and I should not be concerned in the least by growing weaknesses in imperial ranks and systems.

Maintaining the “blades of grass” is the thing, and that isn’t just about keeping those scary black rifles. It is about state- and county-sanctioned self-defense forces (i.e. “militias”), the historical provincial reaction to a dying and dangerous wounded-animal empire. The federal nullification trend is on the uptick, state and county legislators and executives are beginning to wake up in droves to their importance and authority. Soon, concepts such as state-approved private armorers and arsenals (yet another future topic) will gain momentum as the empire seeks to ban those blades of grass. History teaches us that the faster the globalists rob the imperial treasury and clamp down on the populace, the faster the provinces defect. And the faster imperial agents defect to those provinces (with the early ideological defectors always doing better in the eyes of the populace than later mercenary defectors).

I have never been more encouraged by events than I have been in the past several months. History teaches us that the momentum is all in our direction, we just have to keep moving forward.

And for the sake of all you hold dear, stop thanking these pompous globalist creatures, in any branch, for their service. Serving you is the farthest thing from their minds, except perhaps serving you up as a sacrifice for their globalist/Marxist masters. The lowest county official, right down to the road crew guy with the shovel, your future blade of grass brother, who says the least peep about his responsibilities to you is far more courageous and heroic, and worthy of your support and encouragement.

RIP USMC: 10 Nov 1775 to 11 Jul 2019

Postscript: Neller’s recent appointment by Sec Def Idi Amin to spearhead the memory-holing of Those Who Discomfit Globalists may cause me to one day backdate the death to 24 September 2015. We’ll see, it may simply be that Neller has no spine versus Berger’s actual demonstrated malice toward the history, traditions and combat effectiveness of the former USMC.

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Great article, Tom.

>stop thanking these pompous globalist creatures

That’s a tough one to adjust the mindset on, but you’re right. These aren’t people who “will defend to the death your right to say it” or anything close to that any more.

T-bolt 5

You said it very well. I never met a Marine I didn’t like, and I am so disheartened to see how fast our defense forces have languished.


I wholeheartedly agree. I’ve met many Marines, one even a brother-in-law and can’t remember a one I didn’t like and still can’t say I have but the military leadership has proven itself in DC has proven themselves “political” and not worthy of respect. They have forgotten their oath.

Frank Remkiewicz

I believe your] are correct in your assertion that Berger is killing the Corps. However, you look beyond the obvious. Two critical pieces of information are the tipping points, both converge. The advent of the trillions of dollars of debt added in the last 4 years plus the advent of the Space Force. “Someone” has decided a Space Force is a good thing. The funding necessary for the Space Force cannot be fresh or new, it would add to an insurmountable debt already. So the logic is take the money from existing sources. In this case not many complaints because were are eliminating the world’s greatest fightihg machine in favor of flawed thinking and far fetched tactical concepts. The only way to own land in wartime is with boots on the ground not some laser equipped frisbee.

Elaine Donnelly

Readers may be interested in this article, on our website:
Elaine Donnelly, President, Center for Military Readiness

William Teach

I’ve had this long speech about how Progressives take over different things. Education, bureaucracy, unions, guilds (like medical and lawyer), entertainment, getting sports folks to get woke, and more. One of the more recent is the military. They wanted to defund in the late 70’s, but, since that couldn’t happen, they infiltrated and changed them. I always thought that if the Central Government came after our rights the military would stand up for The People. I’m way, way less sure now about that.


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Kenneth Rohlff

They have taken our Tanks. If you haven’t heard the Marine’s no longer have tanks.
(“Tanks for the Memories”) And now they are taking some of the Helicopters, and artillery.

And they are toying with idea of shutting down “Perish Island” because there isn’t enough room to accomodate the neutral gender platoons.
Semper Fi, Ken

Col Robert \"Dog\" Maddocks, USMC (Ret)
Col Robert \"Dog\" Maddocks, USMC (Ret)

Could be worse, Tom. Like me, you could be living within a few miles of the Most Non-Military “Military” Location on the Planet (The United States Air Force Academy). Military behavior there is either verboten or irrefutably rare. Semper Fi, Bro.

John Moist

Excellent article, Tom. I too am discouraged and deeply concerned with the direction of our Corps. I became a Marine in December 1963 (not even the old Corps at that time). I retired in December of 1999. I knew Iwo vets who thought that we were wusses. I take exception to your DOA date. It began much earlier when the Corps began to compete with the Army and Air Force for recruits. Why would you want to live in an open squad bay with 100 guys when you could live in a two man room with a bath? The Marine Corps went soft at that point. Discipline became a problem especially with the prevalence of drugs. Then with the huge influx of women following Vietnam, real discipline issues emerged. Rape and assault cases were not unusual. Now we have men and women training together. There are only two reasons for a strong military force: a deterrent to war and if war is unavoidable to win wars. But when lawyers and arm chair generals are doing the fighting from their desks, the field Marines don’t stand a chance of winning anythign but skirmishes. Semper fi!


Unfortunately, I see it too!

Dave Beckman, GySgt USMC Retired.
Dave Beckman, GySgt USMC Retired.

Damn! Berger just SUCKS!


I have noticed a strange problem with morale in all the services, its linked to progressive politics. The tempo of relieving commanders seems to be picking up.I have been out for awhile, and I don’t frequently associate with current active military people due to my retirement locale. But things are afoot. Sergeant USMC 1974, retired Navy Aviator 1993.

John Fowlkes

Thank you Charles ,what a great reminder of the terrible leadership that now exist in our Government toward the armed forces and the lack of respect for those who protect this great country and the ones that have given their all.There is not enough room to write all of my feelings, as a career Marine I always had blind obedience to the party in office but can no longer do that for those that I now call the American enemy who are out to destroy our total way of life..May God be with and protect this great land ,and those who strive and fight to save it.Amen.


Always remember: the USMC didn’t die, it was murdered. Just like Biden didn’t win, he was installed.

Demonic, lawless, degenerate racketeers run everything now.



I found your writing from a link over at Vox Day. As a fellow Marine who did 1 enlisted aviation tour from 06-12, I can attest to the rot accross all areas. I didn’t want to be party to the next ten years and pulled chocks, and talking to my buddies who stayed for an extra tour or got their 20, none of them had anything good to say about any of it.


Hi Tom,

Thank you for sharing these thoughts. I’m a Marine too, we actually have a similar background. I was an officer and a 7208. Actually 7208/7204, the latter being LAAD, but, who’s splitting hairs. At any rate, its quite sad to see our Corps go down like this.

Talking about this with people who are not veterans is even harder, because, it becomes esoteric. What I mean by that is trying to describe the gravity of the idea of “Marine” and all its connotations to a bystander. Its quite complex and nuanced, plus, one must really have to be a Marine in order to understand this in any capacity. For people like us, its as though something very valuable has been taken from us. Not only that, but it was “redistributed” to other people.

Ordinarily, when someone says redistribution you’ll assume its something like transfer payments via welfare et al. But, American liberalism has become a lot more insidious, diabolical, and flat-out pathetic. In this instance, its a redistribution of pride.

You see, being a Marine means something to you and me. Simply put, we earned it. But, we hear that a lot. There’s another component here. One can “earn” being a janitor too. What makes being a Marine special is that its very selective. Most people cannot be a Marine, ergo, it matters if you are one. When you apply things like “equality” or, gasp, “equity” then anyone can be a Marine. And if anyone can be a Marine, then, what’s the value in being one? I love my mother unconditionally, but, if she can be a Marine then so what. If the girl next door can be a grunt then there’s no value in being a grunt. And I was a Grunt before being an officer.

Its really terrible. I have kids now and I do recall those endless nights on an op, training, TBS, SOI, OCS, Parris Island running up some hill (again), muscles aching and burning, muttering to my inner monologue saying “someday when you’re a Dad this will all be worth it because you can set the example to your sons on how to be a man”. Priceless! Who would have thought years later the social engineer bean counters would be that pathetic, but they were. Now, I no longer have that. My kids know I’m a Marine and its a source of inspiration, but, I don’t like to talk much about it. Naturally, sea stories come up as a matter of course and I’m no boot. But, I have to be reserved. For today, the Marines is a place for homosexuals to participate in endless hedonism and for women. I’d rather not associate with that and none of that is going to help my kids develop into self-sufficient individuals. Not to mention that gays and women and all the rest are about heretical to the Marine Corps I grew up in. And so its gone.

I’d like to learn more about what you mean by being encouraged and history on our side, but, I have a guess, perhaps, an educated one on that. That said, I’m optimistic. This “woke”/equity thing is now in corporations. Soon, the trains are going to stop running and the planes will fall from the skies (note: United Airlines wants equity over competence – 50% of new pilot hires must be women or POC or both). You simply can’t get very far if you don’t optimize for merit and competency. What I’ve realized over the years is that equality, and especially equity, are the opposite of merit and competency. Matter of fact, you can’t have both. Its one or the other. We see the bed “they” have made and we know the direction. Its going to be a disaster. This recent loss in Afghanistan is an indictment against woke/equity/socialism, whatever, its clear undeniable evidence that when implemented this results in utter disaster. And elsewhere 2 plus 2 literally does not equal 4…I mean what a double whammy – both straight out of Orwell and undeniable evidence that the woke is incompetent.

Darrell L. Combs

Also a career Marine ( 72-97,) Your article is “Spot On” I watched the “Creep and erosion” of the concept of selfless service wither as I put in 22 additional years after the Corps working for the US Army and Joint Community as Director of THREAT EMULATION for G-2 TRADOC and for a short time for US Army Futures Command.

In my role we built teams to deploy “Full Spectrum Threats” against emerging concepts and capabilities for DOD and some Allies. We had many dedicated Soldiers Sailors Airmen and MARINES working to understand the Chinese “Way of War”, Russia’s “All of Russia ” “All Domain Warfare “etc.

It was depressing to note that as our Opponents became more powerful and integrated, our services faced the steady erosion of Morale, actual support etc. precisely as you have outline in your article. I had the honor and privilege of serving under Commandants like Lou Wilson, Bob Barrow and Al Gray to name a few. As a “Geiger Tiger” beginning in 72 we were proud of the “Squad Bay culture” teamwork and understanding it produced. So as our internal threats continue to chip away at the foundations of our Military legacy and culture, the informed and loyal Citizens (And certainly armed) must dig in, hunker down and start again.

I fully believe that the Corps will have a second “Tun Tavern” moment in history and that State Governors will rise to serve those Americans who truly care and understand that this is the best place to work toward determining a Free future America.

Well done Marine for writing and speaking out and for giving some of us older Marines a venue for expression and exchange of views,

Regards and Respects
Darrell L. Combs
Col USMC (Ret)
INFANTRY Joint Specialty Officer