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Incorporation Tax and Filing Myths

Yesterday, SoftBaugh posted a new article on its blog, “Should I Incorporate?” That article generated some lively feedback, much of which was based on misunderstandings about the nature of business taxes and filing requirements. Today, a new SoftBaugh blog article, Incorporation Tax And Filing Myths, addresses those concerns, and pokes holes in the demand-creation strategy […]

Should I Incorporate?

SoftBaugh has released a new small business article on whether or not to incorporate. Regular Starving the Monkeys readers (book and classic site) will already recognize that the answer is “yes”. In this article, the various business forms are discussed in detail, and a tiny crack left open for the LLC in limited circumstances (pun […]

Food Storage Jar Seals

OldSchoolTech has released an article on 3D printing seals for those wire-closure glass food storage jars. This was a fun project for NinjaFlex, which is a flexible, rubber-like material useful for making low-temperature gaskets and seals of all kinds. Our 3D printer also has a dual head, which allows plastic and flex to be printed […]

Time Management Skills

SoftBaugh has released a new article on its small business blog about time management skills. Adapted from a system taught to plebes at the Naval Academy (back when paper was a thing), I’ve used this system more effectively than many of the commercial planners and software out there. Just like the kid who starts off […]

SoftBaugh Launches Small Business Blog

Running a small business has always been an important topic here at Starving the Monkeys. To help with this, SoftBaugh has started a new small business blog. For those of you who remember the Midnight Engineering magazine, that blog will have a similar mix of practical, hands-on tips and anecdotes, including guest articles from people […]

Trump Week In Review, 17 Feb 2017

The fourth week into the Trumpening, we’ve seen some movement on Obamacare and a high-level firing. House Republicans are said to be trial ballooning replacement plans. But, we have yet to see proposed changes that would definitively remove the three most onerous provisions which throttle small businesses, the lifeblood of the middle class, and thus […]

Double Conversion UPS, Part I

After a long hiatus, Old School Tech has posted the first article in a new series, this time about creating a double-conversion uninterruptible power supply, which is useful for driving loads such as freezers or mission-critical items. Like a computer UPS, this power supply waits, fully-charged, until it is needed. Unlike a computer UPS, however, […]

Real World Civil Affairs Interrogation

In a previous article, we presented five HUMINT collection techniques useful in a civil affairs program. One important technique from this list is interrogation, as taught by our mentor, Umbrella Bunny. An interrogation is the most visible HUMINT activity, but relies on the preparation supplied by the other intelligence activities, HUMINT and otherwise. This example, […]

Making Men Great Again

This Valentine’s Day, I introduce a new Starving the Monkeys series, Making Men Great Again, a cooperative effort among various alt-Right sites. As I have said before, the Trumpening heralds, not a man, but a revival of our heritage and a revival of ourselves. An important part of that is teaching young men, particularly from […]