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Tom currently lives in rural Tennessee, is a former USMC air support control officer and was awarded the Air Medal for his service in Operation Desert Storm. He graduated in the top 3% of his class at the U.S. Naval Academy, where he earned a degree in Control Systems Engineering. After a stint on USMC recruiting duty, he earned a master's degree in Electrical Engineering at Virginia Tech as an Air Force Laboratory Graduate Fellow. He is qualified as a rifle and pistol coach in both the Navy and the Marine Corps, and was awarded the Merritt A. Edson trophy at Quantico for the highest combined rifle and pistol score in his class. He has developed homeschooling course materials, and his homeschooled children have demonstrated collegiate excellence.

The Platoon Leader’s Weapon

The Marxists/globalists have already missed their window of opportunity: weapon bans will no longer be effective toward their goal of a helpless populace. Pop quiz for “GFY Joe” and handlers: what is a platoon (or squad, etc.) leader’s weapon? It’s an easy one. Call down to Quantico and ask the newest TBS grad 2ndLt.

How Empires Live and Die

The US empire is dying, and there is nothing that any of us can do to stop it. Fortunately, empires are created, live and die according to certain historical patterns, and for similar motivations, so we can better prepare ourselves for what comes next by understanding these patterns, generalized here for brevity. The current empire […]

True Confessions of a Covid Denier

Mid March, just as a pending lockdown of the Dallas/Fort-Worth (DFW) area was being announced, I was turning onto I-30 heading back to Tennessee. My trusty Infiniti FX35 (aka “Missy”), with which I have weathered many client engagements, was full to the brim with client material, after what was to be a many-months onsite assignment […]

Open Source Rocketry

I recently stumbled across some fascinating videos by amateur rocketeer Joe Barnard, whose YouTube channel is chock full of interesting projects. Armed with a 3D printer, model rocket components and some fairly simple custom electronics, he has created some amazing results. One interesting video series is his model rocket silo project (more video links […]

Happy Moon Day!

The first Moon landing was 50 years ago today. We’re celebrating today with Moon cookies (chocolate chip cookies with the chips mushed in while they are warm, making little craters). We should be celebrating today on the Moon itself, but Nixon, Ford, and Carter put an end to that. Prior to the landings, a proposed […]