The Platoon Leader’s Weapon

The Marxists/globalists have already missed their window of opportunity: weapon bans will no longer be effective toward their goal of a helpless populace.

Pop quiz for “GFY Joe” and handlers: what is a platoon (or squad, etc.) leader’s weapon? It’s an easy one. Call down to Quantico and ask the newest TBS grad 2ndLt.

Good luck making that one illegal, and all of your Marxist/globalist gun control efforts, including all those now-predictable scripted supporting dramas, simply make that weapon stronger. Those millions of scary black plastic popguns are no longer the schwerpunkt; you’ve all seen to that well enough. No better way to prove conspiracy analysts correct about the ongoing collapse of this degenerate empire than for all of you, including your RINO pets, to run your muffled mouths, unchallenged by dissent in the social media square, preening at your own reflections while needlessly surrounded by thousands of troops whose friends and neighbors despise each of you more each day which passes. All prompting the rise of state secession and federal nullification movements as a historically predictable response to an illegitimate empire. You continue to do our people, our existence, and the futures for our children a great service.

Thank you, GFY Joe!

(Triple-masked action figure coming soon! Works just like the real thing!)

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Don K

Love your stuff Tom. Haven’t thought of you in years. Then the WRSA popped a link to the entire Paladin Press PDF archive and I thought of you. Took a while to dig you out from my memory. Cheers mate and thank you!


Air Force brat here, so give a hint, what is a platoon leaders weapon?


>Good luck making that one illegal

Which possibly explains why anyone or any organization that demonstrates an ability to be effective in educating and leading large groups of people gets “cancelled”. Even if it means making up new rules on the fly (that are not universally applied, neither retroactively nor henceforth on anyone else) in order to justify the snuffing out of said talented wrong-thinker.

You don’t even have to agree with any of their ideas to see that’s the mechanism going on in the destruction of people like Milo or the seventēnth letter movement. Anything that can break the spell on a large number of people is going to be noticed.


Pointy sticks are fun. Got to carry one as a platoon leader in JROTC(Navy). Fun times.

I wouldn’t underestimate a Marine with a bare pugil stick either.


From a squid to a jar head. (The proverbial endearment ) between Sailors & Marines.
IMHO: His men have been sufficiently trained ( disciplined ) to carry out the orders that the platoon or squad leader (barks ) gives to them. And in the event he PL, or SL is rendered impotent ( killed or wounded ) the next in line will carry on.