Monthly Archives: October 2016

Intelligence Is Operations

WRSA just posted a link to a great article about special ops planning. After initial consultation with relevant experts, we’ve borrowed heavily from this process for our own intelligence gathering and administrative warfare process in our local battle over an out-of-control city government. An important part of the linked article is the claim that often, […]

Field Phone Morse Decoder

Old School Tech has just posted an article for making a Morse decoder using a Raspberry Pi. The accompanying video was shot weeks ago, we just haven’t had a chance to get it put together until now. This is the first step in a series of articles that is going to expand on this foundation […]

Solar Panel Principles

We’ve posted a new article over at Old School Tech about solar panel principles. As always, we keep the technical details over there, and handle the self-sufficiency and controversial issues over here. Go check that article out, and come back for more details. The linked article mentions the steadily declining price of solar panels on […]

Hurricane Solar, Part I

We’ve been experimenting with different off-grid solar power configurations for a while. As I have mentioned in a previous article, power went out for three days in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. This gave us an excellent opportunity to put this experimentation to practical application; nothing like the prospect of losing a freezer full of […]

Listening Posts and Observation Posts (Guest Article)

Barry is retired Special Forces, Traditional Catholic, monarchist, historian, Scholastic, counter-Reformationist, and counter-revolutionary. Introduction During a recent correspondence with Tom Baugh about his AAR following Hurricane Matthew this writer commented that his OPs should have had check points behind them to prevent the perimeter being “crashed.” Baugh responded that he had been split between describing […]

10,000 Visitors!

Since launching the new blog format on the 11th of October, in about two weeks, we’ve had 10,000 visitors (and 27,375 visits). If I knew who the 10,000th visitor was, I would offer them this free picture of a nice set of steak knives, as shown to the right. Click to redeem. I’m not entirely […]

GeorgePatton325: Should We Vote?

As with JC Dodge last week, GeorgePatton325 nails the Trump vote. Money quote from that post: “Quite frankly, I am supporting Donald Trump merely for his potential to destroy the machine.” A friend and I were discussing this the other day, and I responded that Trump is an icon, meaning a symbol for something else: […]

Future America: Up Goer Five

I’m introducing a new article series called Future America. This series will talk about the degenerating culture and standards, and the impact this degeneration will have on you and your planning. It won’t be all grim, though, some of it will be fun, like this one. Today, I ran across this xkcd drawing showing the […]