The Greatest Crime Against Humanity

Regular readers know that I’m a big fan of Miles Mathis, both for his science and political insights. We don’t always agree on the details, but he recently posted a piece that hits it out of the park:

The Greatest Crime Against Humanity

I don’t normally recommend Miles’ work to homeschoolers as curriculum (opposed to homeschooling parents who might benefit, especially from the political analyses), because to be “successful students” in college, they would have to hold two sets of ideas in their minds at once: “establishment thought” and “things Miles writes about which make a lot more sense in many ways than establishment thought”. Regular readers may recall this article about the Macroeconomics CLEP, with some tips about how to coach kids to pass “establishment thought” tests; I’ve been coaching my kids for decades about establishment history and science. Same with Miles’ work, only to a couple of orders magnitude greater.

Miles’ latest article, however, is an exception to this rule: I think this Miles article could be appropriate for just about every traditional-values late-teen homeschooler and public schooler alike. The former can be inoculated against manufactured idiocy, while the latter can be detoxed from the cobwebs wrapped around them daily. Read for yourself and decide. For younger students, the risque portions can be skipped and yet the rest would still stand alone as useful material.

One important bit of metadata in that article is that Miles has always and consistently defined himself as a liberal, in the Jeffersonian sense, while at the same time pointing out how true liberalism has been perverted and blackwashed at every turn into the disgusting¬† Marxist/globalist farce/parody/satire (I forget which applies, maybe all) that we see today. Similarly, conservatism has been sold as something that it is not while RINOs serve their globalist masters by selling-out heritage Americans and true nationalism at every opportunity. I’m probably way more of a nationalist (in the traditional sense, not the flag-waving football-fan kind) than Miles would find palatable, but I have to admire his unwavering commitment to his values, which a century or more ago would be called “American”.

We’ve seen that strict adherence to the ideals of liberalism has allowed a destructive camel to insert its generous nose under every traditional-value tent, leading us to where we are today in that our people are constantly under attack from every angle. Miles even addresses this aspect in his article by recounting his experiences with babbling agents draining time and energy away from otherwise worthwhile causes. Even people who would scoff at the Marxist idea of “equal time” still feel compelled to let babble run, to avoid “hurt feelings” and with the sense that there are few enough of us to make a difference as it is. I’m sure we’ve all experienced exactly this from time to time. I know I have, and in too many varied contexts to simply be an accident; I have learned to just simply shut this babble down when I encounter it. Once you recognize it, this kind of babble just sort of leaps out at you and disgusts you with its degeneracy and as a deliberate attack on making progress for one’s people.

If it is true that there are few enough of us as it is (I disagree, I think our people are a sleeping giant only beginning to rouse), it would be even more important to shut down agent babble which distracts those few doing the work. But that’s a separate topic. In the meantime, I highly recommend reading this enlightening post from Miles.

Caveat: yes, I believe the Moon landings were real; the science and technology makes perfect sense to me and were well within the reach of the technology and talent available at the time. Whether we’ve been told the whole story about the data collected is another thing entirely.

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