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SFC Steven M Barry USA RET served twenty-four years in the US Army (1973 – 1997), USMA 1973 – 1976 then US Army Special Forces 1976 – 1997. Barry served in 5th SFGA (11BS, 31VS and sniper), USAJFKSWCS (Unconventional Warfare instructor and sniper instructor), and 3SFGA (18F and 18Z). Barry has advanced training beyond military schools in Special Operations and was an instructor at United States Army Institute of Military Assistance and Special Warfare Center in Unconventional Warfare (these days called “terrorism”). Barry has UW experience in Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. Barry's military schooling includes infantry, heavy weapons, communications, sniping, engineering, operations and intelligence, and counterintelligence.

Listening Posts and Observation Posts (Guest Article)

Barry is retired Special Forces, Traditional Catholic, monarchist, historian, Scholastic, counter-Reformationist, and counter-revolutionary. Introduction During a recent correspondence with Tom Baugh about his AAR following Hurricane Matthew this writer commented that his OPs should have had check points behind them to prevent the perimeter being “crashed.” Baugh responded that he had been split between describing […]