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Time Management Skills

SoftBaugh has released a new article on its small business blog about time management skills. Adapted from a system taught to plebes at the Naval Academy (back when paper was a thing), I’ve used this system more effectively than many of the commercial planners and software out there. Just like the kid who starts off […]

SoftBaugh Launches Small Business Blog

Running a small business has always been an important topic here at Starving the Monkeys. To help with this, SoftBaugh has started a new small business blog. For those of you who remember the Midnight Engineering magazine, that blog will have a similar mix of practical, hands-on tips and anecdotes, including guest articles from people […]

Trump Week In Review, 3 Feb 2017

As the Trumpening continues to steamroll opposition in its path, this week has seen a few developments on the small business front. Last week, we discussed three key issues affecting small businesses, which are the overseas supply chain, H-1B visas, and Obamacare, and that internationalist (read as anti-American) large businesses will use their power and […]