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After years of coaxing by many friends, I have finally decided to blog for real. For a long time, I resisted blogging. Mainly, I thought it would take up too much of my time, especially when dealing with all the trolls that blogging inevitably attracts. The static page format worked great for me, and I’ll still use the static page format for some content where it makes sense.

But now, especially with some of the things that I have been involved with in the past couple of years, it makes more sense for me to start blogging. I have a lot of content bubbling around, and I need a better vehicle to post that information. I also need a way to post micro-content, where just a few paragraphs or a short video or two is all that is needed. I also want to leverage some of the social media and subscription services that come with blogging.

When I post comments on other sites, just as would any other polite house guest, I try to play nice and not cause too many waves. But on this site, I will not allow trolls to corrupt the important points of any topic, an information disease which, unchecked, has corrupted our entire culture. Accordingly, when it comes to comment moderation, I am an unapologetic fascist in the classical sense: I intend that this content bring people together and give them a common vision. I will not allow commenters to distract or demotivate the reader. This is not a free speech zone, nor will I post rules which then can be used as justification to subvert the spirit of those rules.

This blog will be a place where do-ers and prospective do-ers (Mittys) of all kinds can find a home, and even submit guest posts or advertise their products or ideas. A Mitty is not a derogatory term here; it is someone who, if their life circumstances were different, would be a do-er. I intend to help them change those circumstances and become full-fledged do-ers.

What kind of do-ers? Any kind that moves civilization forward. Political and social activists who are trying to restore the cornerstones of civilization will find common ground here. Makers of all varieties, whether you like churning butter or 3D printing drone components. Homeschoolers, mechanics, fix-it guys, housewives, entrepreneurs, self-sufficiency enthusiasts, zombie defense enthusiasts (these last two will find things of interest other than the usual guns or flags content) or anyone who is interested in self-reliance of any kind. This is blog is for all of you.

So, “thank you” to all of my previous readers, and “welcome” to the new ones. This should be a lot of fun.

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SFC Steven M Barry USA RET
SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

This blog promises to be refreshing. At last… Rules that can’t be lawyered, because they are the rules of a man and not of “law.” Personally, I’m sick and tired of false “liberties,” especially of the speechy kind. It is my sincere hope that this blog will be a step in the right direction to redefining the “patriot” argument into rejecting this system which is destroying us into discerning the (very real) alternatives to the false Capitalist/Communist dichotomy.