The Final Veil Is Falling

Faithless electors. This theoretical flaw feature of the Constitution, which once was the province of fringe conspiracy theorists, now has a face. What was barely thinkable a week ago, is now a rising tide of a leftist social media campaign in the real world, and mainstream media trial balloons. Hint: once these things hit the trial balloon stage, they never just go away.

I am going to skip citing all the references to this discussion, anyone can look these things up for yourselves and confirm the details. It is big blue arrow time. Go off and read Article II of the Constitution and the 12th Amendment and pay attention to the electoral process. Next, do a little bit of research on faithless electors and the #NotMyPresident social media campaign. Commenter Tblake on WRSA put together the best synopsis I have seen on this topic. If you research nothing else, read that comment in full.

What we are seeing forming out there is a huge misdirection campaign. We are meant to believe the following:

  1. The faithless elector campaign would be a harmless and reasonable extension of the popular vote.
  2. The faithless elector campaign is a grassroots social media event.
  3. Laws in some states prevent faithless electors.
  4. The House of Representatives will overturn an elector defection.
  5. The faithless elector campaign is unlikely to come to fruition in any case.

Each of these is a deception, and the entire web of them is intended to distract us from the actual threat imposed by a significant elector defection. We need to review some fundamental principles, after which, the details will pretty much fall into place on their own.

The first fundamental principle is to recognize that all wars, all struggles of any kind, have been economic (for land, stuff, slaves populations, etc.) and that these struggles, particularly revolutionary struggles, have involved five basic classes: natural elites, mystics, royals, merchants and bankers (1). Way too much stuff to get into here, and way too much generalization into overlapping classes, but note that nowhere in that list is the common man. Also nowhere is the idea of liberty. The common man has always been a tool manipulated by one or more of those interests against one or more of the others, and lofty ideas such as liberty have always been the marketing behind that manipulation. Further, the historical progression has always been toward the right of that list, the bankers, culminating where we are today in that the international bankers, the financial oligarchs, are on the precipice of their final victory. The problem is that the farther to the right on that list, the more parasitic the ruling class becomes. Their final victory will lead to the destruction of civilization itself in anything close to the form in which we know it.

This historical progression has always been concealed by one or more layers of veils, and even our modern political ism models (Protestantism, Constitutionalism, Marxism, etc.) have themselves been veils, disguising the true nature of each successive conflict and the allies involved, with the banking class always at the levers. Protestantism was a banker war against the last consolidation of the mystics (enlisting the royals and the merchants to their ultimate detriment), Constitutionalism was a banker war against the royals (enlisting the merchants to their ultimate detriment), and Marxism was a banker war against the merchants. Again, way too much stuff to get into here (2).

Of all these classes, the bankers have always been particularly adept at infiltrating and subverting the organs of culture, influence and power. Not being bothered with things like sermons, governing or producing, they have been able to devote an inordinate amount of time, effort and money (which they, by definition, first obtain control over) to corrupting all other institutions. And in corrupting an institution, that institution becomes less capable of providing the benefit which prompted its creation in the first place. Poison a field, and it can no longer grow food, for example.

Art, science, innovation, strength, courage, valor; the natural elites have been infiltrated and hollowed out. Religion, faith, charity, hope, decency; the mystics have been infiltrated and hollowed out. Inspiration, dignity, leadership, noblesse oblige; the royals have been infiltrated and hollowed out. Trade, self-reliance, growth, prosperity; the merchants have been infiltrated and hollowed out. Each of these are now just miserable shells of their former selves, their replacements no longer provide the benefit to civilization that each once provided. Each of these have fallen victim to the banker class, the financial oligarchs and their tentacles, which now reach into every facet of modern life.

The Constitution itself is no different. Whether you believe it was divinely ordained or corrupt to begin with, there is no question that the history of America is that of progressive divergence from the marketing wrapper with which it was imbued. But, as this divergence becomes wider, the gap becomes more and more obvious.

This gap widens in everything they touch because the banking class is different from all the others. All of the other classes have various degrees of motivation to maintain civilization: the natural elites wish to have a legacy, the mystics need larger populations to tithe, the royals need healthy economies to protect them from invasion by better royals, and the merchants need customers. The bankers are uniquely parasitic, they believe they already own it all, and use their power to conscript talent, faith, government and business as whips to harvest by deception, fear and force.

This is where two streams converge: the destructive nature of the infiltration, and the increasingly obvious corruption. This is why so many people are becoming so aware, and are mad as hell when they finally wake up and understand what has been done to them while they were dreaming. And there is nothing like being denied the opportunity to provide for yourselves and your families to wake you up. We are returning in a gigantic circle to the precipice of a primitive culture, equipped with rifles and cell phones. Once all the veils fall, the buy-in stops, and all hell breaks loose in the form of unintended consequences as the previously well-behaved stop behaving well.

Lie #1 revealed: this faithless elector campaign is not a harmless extension of the popular vote, it is a dangerous escalation that will have massive downstream consequences.

Understanding this historical trend (and the emerging cyclical nature of it), the second fundamental principle to understand is there never has been a grassroots uprising, it has all been astroturf orchestrated and financed by one or more of the warring factions (usually the one farther to the right on the scale above). The common man is recruited into the war either with outright force, as in conscription (usually by the established power), or by marketing (usually by the usurper) (3).

Lie #2 revealed: this faithless elector campaign is not grassroots, it is a well-funded and deliberately orchestrated revolution and show of force.

The third fundamental principle is that government officials view, as a birthright, laws as something they administer, not something that they obey. Worse, government officials have a bias, bordering on obsession, to not enforcing the law against other officials (unless there is political advantage to be gained against an opponent), even when the infractions are grossly evident. When more comes out about our local city effort, you will see how many seemingly unrelated officials shuck and jive to dodge holding other officials accountable, even to the point of committing crimes themselves to do so.

Related, public officials believe that they have birthright to change inconvenient laws on a whim. Their rationale is that they are responding to a emerging public need, and ignore the bedrock upon which those inconvenient laws lie. As such, they are more likely to toss long-existing tradition on the fire in exchange for an expedient legacy. So, the legislatures can easily change those elector laws on a dime, and feel good about having done it, especially if the media treat them as heroes. “It’s about healing the nation.”

Now consider the likelihood of an elector ever being held accountable for a defection, even if they are in a state which prohibits it, even if the penalty is not laughable compared to the potential gain, even if they were indicted, even if they were convicted, and even if they don’t receive a pardon, either by their governor or by the new President they elected. These people will also get the media hero treatment.

Lie #3 revealed: all electors from all states are in play, not just those whose state laws do not prohibit it.

The fourth fundamental principle is that the two main tools of corruption are bribes and blackmail, best applied in unison, and that very few reach a top position in either the public state or the Deep State without a willingness to be compromised. We’ve seen lately, courtesy of Wikileaks, how pervasive and vile the Epstein child sex slave connections are; all these people have to do is get some official drunk or high, get them in a compromising position, take some video, and they are owned for life. The carrot to that stick is those lucrative gravy trains. Don’t for a minute think that this same approach isn’t going on, albeit at a smaller (and hopefully less horrific) scale, on your local level. After all, the local level is almost always a farm team for the big leagues, and why wouldn’t the big league scouts be out, looking for who to corrupt early before they slip through and cause too much trouble (4)?

Is the House of Representatives compromised in such a way? Who can say. However, we all saw the bankers being written large checks in 2008, despite about 95% public opposition to a bail-out. How much more easy will it be when 60 million or more people are saying “heal the nation”? The House is Republican, you say? Good thing they got rid of Obamacare. Still think they will do the right thing? They will do the right thing, as their minds see it, it just isn’t what you think that means. Plus, they have the media on their side, or against them if they forget about those drunken videos of them with little boys.

Lie #4 revealed: the House of Representatives will confirm an elector defection, and the media will cheer them on for doing so.

Remember all those pissed off people who are waking up? There is no putting that cat back in the bag. We are at a unique point in history where so many people are aware and communicating, including the vestiges of the naturals, the mystics, the royals and the merchants. The bankers have finally aroused the zeal of all of these remnants, and they know it. This is a use-it-or-lose it proposition. They might hang on for one or two more cycles, but it is getting increasingly hard for them to hide behind the curtain. The final veil is about to fall, revealing the mailed fist behind it.

Lie #5 revealed: whether this time around or not, if the media ever loses control of the electoral narrative, and the election can’t be rigged without being caught, and the opposition classes manage to field a genuine alternative, eventually, elector defection will be the tool of last resort.

Why all the lies? As always, just as with the 2008 bailout, so that this can be slipped in and be a fait accompli before anyone can even see what is going on. I don’t know whether they’re going to do it this time, or if this is just a preconditioning trial balloon for the future. You can never tell. But eventually, someone is going to hit this Constitutional doomsday button and show it all for what it is. Whether it happens this time or not depends entirely on how well Trump demonstrates his deference, or virtue-signals in alt-right terms, to the Deep State and to their financial oligarch masters between now and when the electoral college acts in December.

And it will all be perfectly Constitutional and legal when it happens. That is how these creatures work, they turn your noble character, virtue and institutions against you. Even if that means the establishment coercing 270 electors into writing down Anne T. Kreiste as their choice. They don’t have to pick either Trump or Hillary, do they? It says it right there in black and white; if they’re going to go to the trouble to drop the veil, why not go large (5)(6)? After all, its about healing the nation.

You think you’ve been pissed off when the elites have ignored the Constitution, thinking that it doesn’t apply to them? Just think of how pissed off you’re going to be when they start following it and applying it to you. By design, of course, so that you will lose your head and justify taking you out early, while you are relatively harmless.

The problem is, you have always thought that what you were missing is liberty or justice. No. What you are missing is power; outsourcing that, in all its forms, didn’t work. If you have enough power, you will have all the liberty and justice you wish. And power is what we are going to talk about in the future.

Until then, put yourselves back into the state of calm determination you had a week ago. We’ve had our feel-goods, we’ve gotten our breather, now let’s get our heads back into the game. Wargame the possible outcomes and prepare accordingly rather than reacting rashly (7). Expect a well-orchestrated surprise sell-out (8), one way or another, and then if it doesn’t happen, bask in being pleasantly surprised.

Welcome to the era of rule by orchestrated mob and rule by hysteria. The financial oligarchs have now fully infiltrated, and hollowed out, one of the last lines, if not the last line, of peaceful defense against chaos. The final veil is falling.



(1) Since the very first trade of goods or services, someone was watching on and decided it would be easier to benefit by getting in the middle of that trade. Later middlemen learned to harness the power of the state to force the use of such middlemen. The modern culmination is control of the money supply, the medium of trade itself. Innovations such as Obamacare are merely the latest in a series of refinements to compulsory brokerage.

(2) There have been some exceptions to these patterns, usually in the form of cultural anomalies. For example, National Socialism was unique to the German character; Hitler himself often said it could not be exported (not that this fact has kept the feds from using Neo-Nazism as a honeytrap for the unwary, but that is another story). Similarly, Chinese Communism is a departure from the use of Marxism in general as it uniquely fits the Chinese culture.

(3) This principle has been honed to a point by the American political process, and is self-evident once you realize how many times you have been duped by a great candidate promising to set things right again. Marxism has honed this further by killing off the best revolutionaries after taking power, so that these same people don’t cause trouble to the new establishment once they realize they were duped. The American version has been to defang the top revolutionaries with lucrative Deep State positions and political consultancies.

(4) Due to changing mores, the level of horror for compromise necessarily increases. It is only a matter of time before cannibalism will be on the menu. Mark my words.

(5) If no one electee has 270 votes, the House of Representatives has to select from the top three aggregate electees. The electors themselves, however, can write down whomever they wish to become those electees. As long as Anne T. Kreiste winds up in the top three, the House can pick her. One sufficiently compromised elector would be enough to put her there, twenty or so would be easy enough to make it foolproof. One from each state would be a nice, seemingly harmless, healing gesture, followed a spasm of surprise acclaim from a suitably prepared pedophilic House. And once it is done, it is done. Supreme Court? Hold on, I just wet myself laughing.

(6) A particularly clever apparent compromise would be to offer to back a ringer at VP, with conservatives expecting Hillary to finally succumb to whatever the hell it is she claims she doesn’t have, only to find out she doesn’t have it and it was all theatrics. The permutations are endless.

(7) Ultimately, the President is just a well-staffed Deep State puppet anyway, and has been for a long time. It would be nice to have one that isn’t outright evil, though, who might have a chance of at least slowing down some of the horror.

(8) Nobody pull a Finicum, you are needed later. That is why the tagline at the top has been “Fight Back Smarter” since 2009.

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The problem is, you have always thought that what you were missing is liberty or justice. No. What you are missing is power; outsourcing that, in all its forms, didn’t work. If you have enough power, you will have all the liberty and justice you wish. And power is what we are going to talk about in the future.
That is the truth Brother…And where does power come from? Some say it comes from the barrel of a gun and yes some temporary power does but lasting power comes from numbers of people being on your side and being able to direct and use those numbers to your liking… Now some do it through fear, some do it by hope, and some do it by being a good leader…Very good article Brother looking forward to more…


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Fantastic article, and I am storing a copy on my hard drive for future reading if or when ( most likely when) the Oligarchy achieves its ultimate goal of total control and the 1st Amendment becomes history which will be followed by internet censorship. It heartens me though, to see that the Alt Right is aware of this orchestrated ruse on the part of the Soros owned media and its Change.Org and BLM minions. If the forces of Soros and company get their way, the result will be ugly indeed. The future for white people will reflect that of conditions of whites in South Africa, or worse unless there is solid push back through a form of resistance that cannot be ignored. Time will tell, perhaps civil war 2 is looming in the future.

Paul Bonneau

It’s interesting to realize that the very point of the electoral college, is to weed out presidents unacceptable to the establishment. Trump is precisely the kind of person they had in mind. So what you call “faithless electors” are actually being faithful to their calling. It’s just that so many dirt people did not realize what this implies. How many times have we heard a conservative talk approvingly of the electoral college, so allegedly superior to direct democracy? Now the shoe is on the other foot, and the Founders’ incorporation of ideas of the aristocrat Montesquieu no longer looks so wonderful. We were the people Montequieu was writing in opposition to.

I thought for a while that the best way to get this country into revolution or multiple secessions (something it desperately needs), would be to elect Hillary. But how much better to have Trump win, then to have it stolen from him by electors who are after all part of the establishment that hates Trump? And failing that, electors may simply be threatened with violence if they don’t flip. Revolution, here we come!


“(4) Due to changing mores, the level of horror for compromise necessarily increases. It is only a matter of time before cannibalism will be on the menu. Mark my words.”


And Another for the fire:

Two Democratic members of the Electoral College have launched a campaign to keep President-elect Donald Trump from entering the White House, according to a new report.

Washington’s Bret Chiafolo and Colorado’s Michael Baca hope at least 37 of their GOP colleagues will abandon Trump and force the House into picking the next president instead

Two Democratic members of the Electoral College have launched a radical last-ditch attempt to stop Donald Trump from winning the presidency.

P. Bret Chiafalo, a Washington State elector who has already declared his opposition to Hillary Clinton, and Micheal Baca of Colorado have launched what they’ve dubbed “Moral Electors,” an attempt to persuade 37 of their Republican colleagues to bail on Trump — just enough to block Trump’s election and leave the final decision to the House of Representatives.



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[…] TBlake (as a comment on the Final Veil Is Falling post) who has been watching the faithless elector situation unfold; two separate mainstream […]

Piper Michael

Thank you for this well written and thoughtful article. I do think, there will be blood, either way. OH wait.. there already has been, and the ‘love trump’s hate’ crowd has been showing us all a lot of love, eh?
THere is no such thing as ‘the loyal opposition’ anymore, not with the ‘enemy mine’ rhetoric…
It is 1860 again, and immigrants and h1b’s and other illegals, are the slaves of the New Roman Empire called Amerika.


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