Leech City Update, 3 Dec 2016

In the past week or so, Leech City has had a few updates. The most important of these is the satirical description of a theft of a log (yes, some people will steal anything). We’re still letting that one work its magic on the local criminal psyche. In the meantime, we think that how that theft was conducted indicates that the local crime organization has lost the support of a layer of thugs which had been used for terror and harassment missions. An upcoming article will discuss what we’ve learned of the criminal mind, and how to strip out layers of a criminal organization to both weaken and discredit it.

Also, the local .gov types must be feeling the heat, since we’ve heard reports that they’ve started a whisper campaign about why Audrey resigned her city council seat. In response, we’ve posted her uncompromising resignation letter in full, plus a few previously unpublished tidbits.

As mentioned previously, a new Manassas city attorney has been hired. Although the city had previously ignored our defamation ante litem (notice of suit) over the mayor’s ridiculous attempt to have me charged with disorderly conduct, our attorney just sent it directly to their new attorney, removing the excuse of having lost the old one (document or attorney). Our attorney is also working up something very interesting based on new documents we recently received. We’ve got to keep this one under wraps until he gets the details in place, but I assure you it is a bellwether issue that has state-wide impact. As a bonus, these newly-uncovered facts clearly demonstrate a motive for defamation to keep me off the trail of official misconduct.

In other news, the mushroom class at the library was a great success. Although the library hosts self-sufficiency classes from time to time, turnout is normally tepid. This time, though, it was standing-room-only, and was a great chance to meet new people who are into self-sufficiency. I highly recommend attending, or especially hosting, this kind of thing as the opportunities arise, no matter what the topic.

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Oglethorpe County here. Following your escapades. I’m familiar with south Georgia, having been born there. You have this good old boy on your side.


Keep up the good fight,change starts at the local level.
As for mushrooms,do they have a pig or can one be trained like a truffle hunter for psilocybin mushroms?!