Faithless Elector Update, 6 Dec 2016

Once again, like clockwork, more faithless elector conditioning and trial balloons appear on or shortly before each Tuesday since the election, prompting my weekly article (despite my ongoing wish to be completely wrong about all this). Although the releases have been timed in a way to have the maximum social impact (1), and this discipline has been rigorously followed, the volume of information at each new release is accelerating. This week provides us a flood of new information. As usual, I’ll skip the detailed analysis and hit the high points, including new strategies emerging from the gloom, and previously unanticipated possible objectives in this astroturf campaign.

The House is Key

As background, previous articles in this series (here, here, here and here) discussed the principle that flipping Trump’s electors to Hillary is not the objective; trimming Trump’s electors down below a clear win, and thus paving the way for a decision in the House of Representatives, is (2). As you read the following sections, keep this objective in mind; the patterns match. As a result, defecting Hillary electors (such as the much-celebrated 19-year-old Levi Guerra from Washington state, who offered to vote for a Republican alternative) harms the plan not-at-all, and even helps to make the plan seem reasonable and non-partisan (3).

The Third Way

Also as mentioned previously, the 12th Amendment allows the House to pick from the top three choices each for President and Vice President. A single elector vote for any third candidate would be sufficient to allow the House to place that third option in equal consideration, even if Trump had 269 electoral votes on his side. In the context of this emerging and perfectly-Constitutional counter-revolution, keep in mind that abstinence by a sufficient number of Trump electors is just as good as a flip.

We also predicted a slate of third-choice trial balloons. On cue, Kasich is in the running (h/t an anonymous correspondent) playing into the Levi Guerra “I’ll even vote for a Republican” narrative. Note the misdirection in that article that it would be necessary to get 37 Trump electors to switch. No, it is only necessary to get 37 Trump electors to stand-down, a much simpler and more palatable task. Guerra, a Clinton elector, could then put Kasich in all by herself, to a chorus of media applause for her courage.

There’s No Chance!

A common drum-beat in all the media coverage is that this is a silly longshot, quixotic quest by a few idealists (4). But, if this astroturf campaign is so important to the financial oligarchs, why downplay the outcome as unlikely? Simple. For this operation to be a complete success, including public acceptance of the long-term consequences of a perfectly-Constitutional electoral college coup, this astroturf counter-revolution must be seen as something which sprang from nowhere. Destructive ideas can be best sold if their consequences are downplayed, and anyone expressing concern about those ideas written off as fear-mongers. You will recall, however, that much of the destruction of our culture started off as seemingly benign silliness (5).

The Vote to Nowhere

Not only is it sufficient to get 37 Trump electors to stand down, the same objective would be accomplished by a drawn-out recount, disqualifying an entire state’s slate of electors. We are seeing that act of this play continue to unfold with the seemingly absurd Jill Stein recounts.

Heal Thy Nation

As predicted here, a false display of conscience will be the public cover for private bribery and extortion. Last week, we saw a hand-wringing pseudo-biblical disqualification of Trump by elector Art Sisneros. This week, palpitating Texas paramedic elector Chris Suprun (h/t Wirecutter of the Knuckledraggin blog) cites a winding tour of justifications, as well as “because 911”. I have to admit this last entry in the Cornucopia of Conscience caught me completely by surprise (6).

Obama’s Third (Short) Term and Biden’s First

Yet another oligarch escape clause in the 12th Amendment is the provision for a deadlocked or otherwise indecisive House. If the House does not pick a President by the 6th of March, during which time Obama remains President and nuclear provocateur-in-chief, the current VP, Biden, will become interim President. This interim status could last indefinitely as there are no provisions to force an outcome in the House. A sufficient number of Epstein party plane Representatives could just simply table the entire thing.

Preparing for a Billion Blue State Votes

Although a faithless elector coup would be bad enough (7), this astroturf campaign does not have to replace Trump to score a major victory for the financial oligarchs. Even a meaningful feint in this direction will threaten Red State voters with disenfranchisement at some point in the future, however silly such a prospect may seem today. Such a feint may soften them up enough to clamor for the wolf in sheep’s clothing which is direct election. The actual threat here is that direct election will allow massive Blue State voter fraud on an unprecedented scale. It is hard enough as it is to push-back on voter fraud in even publicly contested precincts. Now imagine the impossibility of such a task in Blue State precincts buried deep within California, New York or other Marxist enclaves. With direct election, entire states will be turned into gigantic vote factories, no actual citizens required, thus completing the coup for the foreseeable future.

This Week’s Wrapup

As I have mentioned before, I would really like to be wrong about all this, and perhaps, with any luck, I will be. If nothing else, this exercise into the true inner workings of national government and easily-manipulated law and principle will make it easier for you to recognize similar machinations of your own local thieves, mini-oligarchs and petty tyrants.

Stay tuned, and maybe we’ll get a break next week from this astroturf. But I doubt it.



(1) The work week is a rich petri dish for rapid dissemination of ideas across a wide variety of cultural boundaries. Although someone can encounter a large number of people on the weekend (while shopping, for one example, or at a sportsgame for another), the meaningful interactions in those situations are small.  On the weekends, most people interact with people similar to themselves. At work and school, however, enforced cultural diversity ensures that if one working person can be infected with an idea, it can leap across many boundaries quickly, to then take root within insular cultures (family, friends) on the following weekend, giving one more confirming dose from one’s work- or class-mates on Monday morning. It makes sense, from a propaganda perspective, to release new stages of a campaign from Monday afternoon through Tuesday, although Sunday evening works as well as any other work- or school-night. Social propaganda, such as the faithless elector astroturf campaign, will be more obvious if it follows this schedule.

In contrast, financial propaganda is released Friday afternoons for the best market-closed helpless fretting over the weekend. This scheduling helps soften the public consciousness so that their financial salvation (or smiting) can be delivered, once again, Monday or Tuesday, preferably after the little guy has bet the literal house the wrong way. With this timing, the financial oligarchs appear omniscient and omnipotent, as one would expect in any rigged game, whereas the populace continually receives the message that they are helpless and thus best supplicating.

(2) There is no doubt at this point that a sufficient number of representatives, especially Republicans, are ethically compromised, whether through bribes or extortion, including Pizzagate pedophilic Epstein party flights. Their behavior and legislative record, completely at odds with their electorate’s wishes, is proof of this assertion.

(3) Although the Levi Guerra development was a “Wednesday” release on her part, this one is very important. Not only is she injecting the “I’ll flip from Hillary” idea as a non-partisan distraction, she is also a she and thus showing how gender-fair the faithless elector campaign is. She is also young, making it a hip counter-revolution. On top of this, her name alone invokes a trifecta of Jewish, Christian and Hispanic vibes. Plus, she has a cute, dorky smart-girl look in an approachable sort of way. This one chick has something for everyone, what’s not to like?

(4) Some of them even have a name, “Hamilton Electors”, evoking the recent racially- and politically-confused Broadway play, the timing of which play I am sure is purely coincidental.

(5) Such as women’s suffrage, which was sold to men partly as a “double your vote” kind of thing, since of course women would vote however their husbands directed. Who could have predicted the legions of entitled, screeching manjaws less than a century hence?

(6) Not as surprising is Suprun’s shot at Trump and staffers as fans of Darth Vader. This one was almost obvious, since “Hitler!” or “Fascist!” or “Hooverite!” don’t have the sting they once did. Speaking of Darth Vader, Comedy Central’s South Park animated series seasons 18 through 20 have been diligently preparing this battlespace for years. Shortly after winning the election, orange-faced Mr. Garrison retires to a Darth Vader-esque chamber to become transformed into a power-mad tyrant. A running theme in these latter seasons is that to remember the past, and pine for a better future, is to succumb to the influence of a deceptively cute but unimaginably evil race of “Member Berries”. Better, we are taught, is to accept the world as it is and not seek to better it, lest one invite a greater evil. These people have pulled out all the stops.

(7) The resulting lack of confidence in the national system alone would have numerous unintended consequences. The lid stays on this super-saturated melting pot merely because enough people have at least quiescent buy-in. Rip the mask off and it is anyone’s game.

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Trump will be potus unless a natural or “accidental”death,anything else will bring a new form of social unrest that will tear this country apart.I suppose some would be open to this as then used to justify martial law,only time will tell but believe unless my death scenario plays out Trump will be potus.

(ed. I hope you are correct that he becomes POTUS and that all this is just an intellectual exercise.)


I have to agree with James. Not only is Trump making some points with his political base with some of his moves he is making, but any attempt to push him aside will certainly result in a firestorm the likes of which this country has not seen since the civil war, and which might eclipse that event.