Exclusive Pixie Mafia Interview

Leech City has released an interview with the Pixie Mafia, a psyop article that is laced with triggers for the local crime and corruption syndicate. The most important trigger is the name itself. The local syndicate prefers to call itself the Dixie Mafia, which was a real thing along the Mississippi Gulf Coast before the feds dismantled most of it when I was growing up. Parts of it remain, but it is a remnant of what it once was. After I began interviewing the locals regarding the criminal organization in this area, and making fun of the cabal trying to hitch their wagon to that name, the cabal began using Pinetree Mafia instead, demonstrating that they are susceptible to being herded by public affairs. Other portions of that article are tuned to specific soft-spots revealed by our intelligence operations, simultaneously infuriating the guilty while emboldening the innocent.

One of the first active steps in taking down a cabal such as we face here, after gathering sufficient information to tease out the organization and its operating models, is to discredit criminals and corrupt officials in the eyes of the populace, especially by getting people laughing at them and their impotence. A next step will be to begin turning their edges up, gradually forcing them back into their citadels while liberating the surrounding countryside.

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