Trump Week In Review, 10 Feb 2017

Three weeks into the Trumpening, the world of small business continues to evolve. Fighting off a bout of sick, I spent some time this past week making some calls to people who Once Made America Great. These calls aren’t quite to the level of “getting the band back together”, but certainly heading in that direction. These guys, mostly engineers and salesmen, were victims of the unheralded Great Social Justice Purge which started in about 2006 and culminated around 2010-2011. Picked off one-by-one with a variety of made-up justifications, some economic, some personnel-related, these men have been hiding out in whatever shelters they could find. If they were employed at all, it was often well below their experience. Some of our brethren committed suicide, inconsolable over having let their families down, not understanding that their families were deliberately attacked, and their futures pillaged. Some died from stress-related illnesses or had their health ruined by the same.

The survivors, now tougher and more determined, are emerging out of their caves and looking around at the new world in front of them. Never again will these men accept self-blame. Never again will they be made to feel guilty for their greatness. For the rest of their lives, and those of their families who have learned the lessons alongside them, they will see the world through thoroughly red-pilled eyes. They take the challenge to Make America Great Again to heart, and they have the skills, and now wisdom, to do exactly that.

The Creatures who tried, unsuccessfully, to destroy them, have made a terrible mistake.

On a personal note, today is the 33rd anniversary (conspiracy alert!) of my first date with The Audrey. My seduction of her was thus, as I cornered her at her locker the previous Tuesday between classes, having delighted in psychologically torturing her for years in admiration of her abilities, and noticing her blossoming indicators of interest:

Paleoshitlord: “You know I hate your guts.”
The Audrey: “Yes.”
Paleoshitlord: “Let’s go out Friday. I’ll pick you up at six.”
The Audrey: “OK.”

Boom. Mike drop.

Later, this particular shitlord tried, really really hard, to swallow PC in the 1990s and 2000s, and to be a Good Guy, as defined by HR policies everywhere, when running my own business. In the end, it didn’t matter one bit; I was stolen from like all the rest of us in 2008, and our opportunities sacrificed one-by-one to the gods of globalism during those years.

Now we know where that path leads, and how close our civilization came to being extinguished.

Never again.

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Well, “stolen from” sure sounds familiar when you start a capital equipment modernization/refurbishment company at the cusp of a recession (1999). See the world through “red-pilled eyes,” no doubt. Sitting on a pile of Ag waiting for the asset and business opportunities to present themselves in the Fourth Turning.

Paul Rae

Huh. Put into words my thoughts (less the Audrey; no offense) re: the emasculation of us. Glad Wirecutter linked you. I’ll be back, he said in Austrian.


Fucking A on Paleoshitlords, you said it Tom. Dead nuts on target.
Because Fuck You Thats Why.


Still kinda in a daze. I made it, if it’s over, by scraping by and keeping my head down. Problem is, absent the tariffs going up and/or the tax rate for small biz owner-operators being cut AND hurdles to prosperity being (actually) removed I won’t believe it. The steady trajectory for years, with ups and downs to be sure, but the steady trend is down. How many times has our gov promised, even the republicans, but the rate of increase in regs, taxes, fees, penalties, rules, permits, and on and on, it never changes. 10,000 pages to the federal register each and every year, Steady loss of liberty at home and non-stop war abroad, That is our course. Is that smell spring or simply another Indian summer? Trump has shown zero proclivity to slowing the roll out of the Police State and that’s not good, at all, for anybody, in the long run? I guess I should just say fuck it, I’m gonna die anyway; let’s fight to see if liberty wins.

(ed. The Trumpening isn’t about Trump. It’s about us. He is just a symbol, an icon, that represents a change. We now know there are millions of us out there, when before we felt alone.)


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Henry Bowman

Many productive, good and fine men have been sacrificed on the alter of PC. I’ve seen it firsthand and been swept away by it. I saw flagrantly unqualified blacks hired into jobs they were guaranteed to fail at and be allowed to miserably fail without consequence….just because they were….black. It disgusted and pissed me off then, and even more so today.

Jeffery in Alabama

As usual, this was very well written and the absolute truth.


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