Trump Week In Review, 24 Feb 2017

On the political front, the fifth week into the Trumpening, cuckservative Congressional Republicans have yet to make a meaningful stand against Obamacare, one of the top three globalist daggers aimed at American small businesses, as we detailed on week one. A Michael Ramirez cartoon, as featured in this WRSA blog post, sums up the slow progress nicely. We look forward to a public Trump-shaming of reluctant politicians. As we have seen here in our Leech City work, public shaming of wayward politicians produces results proportional to the degree that their misbehavior stems from inattention or ideology rather than corruption. Once entrenched in corruption, shaming has little effect, which makes it a useful diagnostic tool if nothing else.

In other political news, we are paying close attention to developments regarding civil asset forfeiture and private prisons. Both of these sound-bite issues seem good on the surface, which explains why they are so easy to sell to a low-information public. After all, who doesn’t want to keep bad people from profiting from their crimes, and what free-market advocate can turn down the idea of a private prison? The realities of both of these issues is far different, of course. Non-judicial civil asset forfeiture has, predictably, turned into a wild thieving gallery for local officials, and private prisons create a demand for more criminals, which graft laced officials are happy to provide as-needed. Both of these systems appear to be deliberately designed as strip-mining and intimidation tools for the benefit of globalists and their insider minions at all levels. So far, we have only seen reports that the administration is coming down on the wrong side of both. Time will tell, and any progress along any front is better than what we’ve experienced for decades, despite our individual pet issues.

As said repeatedly on these pages, the Trumpening is a phenomenon greater than the man himself. It is about us, our renewed pride in our heritage and our nation. This change has already happened, and is accelerating. If the globalists were to fashion a leash for Trump today, the die has already been cast. I remain encouraged that Trump continues to batter the hostile globalist press without mercy. This is essential pressure that must be maintained, and I would not be surprised if the press continues to distort and misreport the Administration’s positions and accomplishments in a never-ending attempt to demoralize us. Five weeks in, and already Trump has moved the dial more than any conservative President has in five months, or five years.

In business news, I saw an interesting LinkedIn article yesterday, “Why I Moved Back To India”, about the phenomenon of India Return. This article, by a whimpering Googlite, details her woeful, high-paid struggle in the US, having displaced an American for her job, and how she pined to return to India. I think this is an encouraging article in that it shows a shifting in the winds, not only that she would return to India, or that this move would seem favorable, but that a venue such as LinkedIn would publish it. This is the exact reverse of previous articles, including the one by GoDaddy’s CEO, threatening dire consequences if H-1B visas were terminated. Usually any such articles are about bad-think if you oppose Indian or Chinese high-tech workers being here; this is the first article I’ve seen that makes it look as if they are deciding to leave us to our ignorant fate. Maybe we’re supposed to beg them to stay.

Meanwhile, the cultural war to Make Men Great Again continues apace, with feminists outraged about a billboard in North Carolina, emblazoned with the stark message, “Real men provide. Real women appreciate it.”


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