Trump Week In Review, 3 Mar 2017

Six weeks in, and the major highlight is Tuesday’s “State of the Trump” address. It was good to see Obamacare addressed as an important issue; back on week one we discussed how that is a major killer of small businesses. We would like to see a broad repeal. However, allowing free market choice (actual choice, not pick-your-poison), allowing pre-tax payment via any means, and breaking down state barriers will do. The President addressed all of these features, which signals that he is in tune with Obamacare’s most destructive features. Regular readers may recall that small business owners are in a custom-fit sinkhole with regard to pre-tax payment. Sure, there are Health Savings Account (HSA) options out there already, but those appear to have been specifically designed to exclude micro-businesses, the seeds from which the middle class, and thus the economy as a whole, grows. Those seeds are you.

It was also a riot to see the Vestigial Virgins of Congress as a white-robed block, as if they were waiting to be conquered by the Islamic hordes. Supposedly, the virgins were protesting women’s suffrage somehow. Someone should clue them in that by virtue of their sitting there, that the issue had already been decided in their favor some time ago. Or maybe they want suffrage rolled back. Who can say? And these people make laws for the rest of us. Yes, vestigial is the correct adjective, it seems.

Too much other good stuff in that address, along with some usual harmless pandering. I see no reason at all to be discouraged, and plenty to be optimistic about. I would like to see a world in which Americans get things done. It will be interesting to see whether people who inhaled Obama happy-gas for eight years are capable or willing to do it. Once, saying “jobs over here” was great news; now it might just lead to riots.

In other news, since the ousting of Flynn, the globalists are now after every Trump official they can name who might have looked up Russia on Wikipedia before taking office. This is an unmistakable, yet typical, example of give-an-inch-take-a-mile leftist mentality that has progressively eroded our entire culture. I agree with the Flynn ousting on the basis of misleading Pence, an unforgivable core team weakness. He had to go. It will be interesting to see how the President handles this latest spaghetti toss against his staff.

In the business world, heritage Americans with whom I am in contact continue to report great things in that arena. The trend I reported two weeks ago about the favorable disposition of mid-size companies is accelerating.

Except in California, which continues to slide into the abyss. As reported in this Zero Hedge article, the University of California, San Francisco (surprise!) fired 79 IT workers to replace them with H-1B visa-holders. Our readers will recall that the H-1B visa is one of the three horsemen of the small business apocalypse, particularly for technology-oriented companies, again as reported back on week one of this series. Given that the H-1B visa requires that no qualified Americans be available to take the jobs, and that 79 of them were available before they were fired, this may be a clear-cut violation of federal law. Hopefully this petulant slap at Trump’s immigration objectives turns into a slap-down for California. This should be a slam-dunk case. Maybe some enterprising attorney will pick this up as an easy class-action which will help set favorable precedent for future pro-American civil actions, in addition to the federal criminal charges which should rightfully emerge against the principal conspirators in this case.

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I’ll bet the vestigial virgins are rather nervous about Pizzagate. Wondering how many in the deep state behind the efforts to depose President Trump are involved in Pizzagate? I’ve read last week approximately 1200 low hanging phedo’s have been arrested, some are probably going to rat out the larger fish. At what point in the process of AG Session’s investigation does the collapse of these political scum begin to cascade?
Be a great day to see the likes of Schumer arrested in broad daylight.

Wage return law-fare on the left, which they have waged on provincial American enterprise for decades with the help of deep state administrative tyranny. A class action suit to the tune adequate to bankrupt UC, along with class action side entre suits against those who made the direct decisions to deny those 79 techs of their prosperity.


Let us not forget the numerous Disney that were forced to train their H1-B replacements. Clearly a violation of the law, but nothing was done about it.


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