Introduction To Prospecting

SoftBaugh has released an article on the subject of prospecting for the small business owner. As with many of the articles in this small business article series so far, this article introduces the topic at an introductory level. Future articles will build on these introductory topics. We think that starting small is the right approach, particularly to help young people get started. Because of more than a decade of dwindling economic opportunity, some Millennials have little significant financial or business experience. It isn’t an insult to say that for some of them, using their parents’ credit card is their primary source of goods and services. A similar number have probably never filed a tax form more complicated than the 1040-EZ. While these articles aren’t at that low of a level, the goal for now is to get most readers up to a fundamental level of expertise. Old hands at business may recall fondly their earlier, bright-eyed younger years when just getting started. These articles also make great business and economics lessons for the homeschooler.

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