Homeschool CLEP: Info Systems

The Thursday before the trade show, I reported that our homeschooled daughter passed the Chemistry CLEP, good for up to 8 hours of college credit, including lab segments, with a score of 57/80. The next day, she passed the Information Systems CLEP with a score of 72/80. She now has somewhere above thirty credit hours under her belt, but most colleges do not give credit for this particular test. She wanted to take it though, and it does help document some of her homeschool studies at a minimum. My children rarely ask for anything, so I indulge.

The reason most schools don’t give credit for the info systems test is because the material is very basic. Per our usual process, we ordered a study guide to help her prepare. When she received that guide, she took one look at the material inside, handed it back and said, “return it.” This info systems test covers material that she absorbed simply by growing up as part of a technology company.

In other CLEP news, we were informed that the Missouri University of Science and Technology, an engineering school of good repute, requires a minimum score of 57 for course credit for those CLEP tests they do accept (info systems is not one of them), versus the recommended 50. Of course, schools aren’t required to accept CLEP credit at all, but for those that do, it is important to look into the details about any particular school’s requirements.

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