Leech City WTF, 29 Mar 2017

OK, sometimes I try to make sense out of Manassas city shenanigans, and put things in a nice lessons-learned kind of way. There’s more of that coming, but they make it harder and harder to generalize to most people’s local government situation. It’s tough to be “on” all the time when the backdrop is so bizarre. Today, I told a friend about some of this stuff, and he was absolutely incredulous. We’re waiting for a trigger condition to happen before we can reveal more things, but in the meantime …

Public Peekaboo

We just posted an article on Leech City about how they seem to have been dodging a letter from our attorney for a week now, according to the postal service website (as of this writing, Wednesday evening, 29 Mar 2017). Sometimes I just have to have fun with it. You can track it yourself at this USPS link. This is the kind of thing they invented office pools for.

Speaking of Children

The latest city attorney is a juvenile law specialist, as we reported here. We just found out a wrinkle in state law which indicates he may have been sucker-punched by his new clients within minutes of taking office. More on that one after we verify the details with a specialist. That incident aside, why he hasn’t resigned yet is beyond me. I am reminded of the old Dice Clay joke about Little Boy Blue.

Truck Boat Truck

Sometimes, the local Early Cuyler (look it up) goes revving around, particularly when we have released something hilarious. Or are out looking for our cats with a light. Last night was no exception, after posting this article, which mentioned a crime scene photo. Treat yourself to season one, at a minimum. Read some Leech City in between episodes. Pro tip: wear an adult diaper. Stock up before we release new videos. You have been warned.

The 2017 Interview Series

If we hadn’t been on the road so much these past couple of weeks with business events, we could have made progress on our planned interview series. Some of the luminaries can’t be interviewed until after yet another trigger condition. Believe it or not, there are actually some public officials in the wider area who are doing a great job. I look forward to those interviews; it sucks the brain out of you to talk about all the stupid all the time.

I Didn’t Torpedo Citizen Of The Year

A while back I wrote about how the Citizen of the Year nominee bio for Councilman Shaun Edwards, published in the local rag, alerted us to some inconsistencies. It turns out he didn’t win, but we had nothing to do with that. We didn’t post our piece (March 11th) until after the awards banquet was held on March 9th. We sat on that info for about a week and a half to let the call of nature run its course.

Too bad, some of what is coming out would have been a lot more fun if he had won (just as it is awesome that Mayor Rogers is president of the local GMA chapter). He did win Manassas Citizen of the Year, though. We’re still going to have fun with breaking down who gets to pick Citizen of the Year. Hint: last year, the Manassas nominee was his mother, Councilwoman Tonya Edwards.

If there were a category for Umbrella Bunny of the Year, I am sure I would win.


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