Trump Week In Review, 7 Apr 2017

Apparently, the new administration is as susceptible to false-flags and typical neo-cuck weepy-eyed distraction as, well, every one of them in my lifetime. Critical domestic issues? No. Bomb Syria? Yes!

My main concern is that the growing tide of small- and medium-business momentum continues long enough to get good people into their lifeboats before it all continues the briefly interrupted slow but accelerating planned descent beneath the waves. Were the last few months simply the stern lifting out of the water, providing the illusion of safety?

As I have said all along, it isn’t about the man or the Kabuki, it is about the taste of victory in the mouths of middle Americans against the forces of globalism. That genie isn’t going back in its bottle; this has only been a bit of breathing room all along.

The key is that we all learned from this exercise that we are not alone. That hasn’t changed. That won’t change.

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