Trump Week In Review, 14 Apr 2017

As today, Good Friday, we reflect upon perversions of law and justice for the performance of evil on behalf of the base and selfish demands of the Sanhedrin, we find ourselves twelve weeks into the Trumpening. To me, the Trumpening remains more the movement than the man. Making America Great Again means to focus on the burdens of the middle American first, particularly those artificial burdens placed on him to feed his destroyers and to crush his spirit.

Although my previous Trump Week post was critical of the Syrian attack, I am able to separate this sidetrack from the necessary domestic work which must be accomplished. Although much remains to be done regarding Obamacare, visa abuse, regulatory burdens, civil asset forfeiture, domestic surveillance and a whole host of police state issues, it is unreasonable to expect significant progress to be made in such a short time. Anyone facing such an entrenched deep state virulently opposed to threats to its own power will require time to put the requisite pieces into place.

We can expect, however, that in the process of fighting that long-term battle, that our President not be drawn off into meaningless foreign adventures. We can expect that our President use his bully pulpit to call out those who oppose our agenda, and to place our opponents on the defensive. Lack of progress is not failure. Lack of inspiration would be failure. Inspiration is a responsibility of leadership which can be, and must be, exercised each day. “That is the future, that is the direction in which we are headed,” says the leader, and steps in that direction, even in the midst of a knife-fight for survival, even if he falls.

Making America Great Again is not about the man. It is about us, the Americans. We’ll be the ones who make the difference.

Good Friday trivia question: what was the official title of the leader of the Great Sanhedrin?

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” To me, the Trumpening remains more the movement than the man.”

Well said, and I totally agree.

Kevin Stokes

I had to look it up. The National Socialists were some clever bastards as I doubt that was accidental. Wonders never cease.


President Trump has been changing a lot, especially when compared to the last few presidents. We’ll see how much he can do about the Deep State.

Oh, the Great Sanhedrin was led by the nasi, IIRC.