Hurricane Hiatus

Wow, it has been months since posting anything. I’ve been busy with other things and sort of lost track until I started getting emails asking whether I had been taken out by unseemly elements. Out of respect for the judicial process, I had stopped writing about Manassas shenanigans and just kind of fell out of the habit overall. Plus, thanks to the Trumpening, we had a swarm of client deadlines all line up at once there for a while. Now that all this has settled down to a dull roar, accompanied by a train of hurricanes, I can start writing again.

First catchup post: Kudos to Georgia Power for their great work during Hurricane Irma.

Our case against the city is still grinding along, so we’re not going to talk about that until it is resolved. If you want, search for “Baugh Manassas AllOnGeorgia” (that last is one word) and take a look. A hearing was scheduled for the 30th of August, but that was continued.

But our self-imposed silence on the case doesn’t mean we’re not going to talk about local issues, though. Far from it. There are still many topics of Leech City interest that don’t touch the case, such as when free slave labor takes out the water system. Or how local reporting can become incredibly biased to serve insider interests; propaganda isn’t just for national media.

We’re also sitting on a backlog of Old School Tech reviews and updates. For example, all our blueberry cuttings died: web updates aren’t all we stopped attending to. Oops. There are some other product reviews that would give the area criminal element too much information, so we’ll be sitting on those for a while yet. We’ve also got an interesting take on bee-keeping that we can’t decide whether to post on Leech City or Old School Tech. I never knew that bees were into demolition derby.

And thanks again to all our friends who thought to ask whether we had been abducted.

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Glad all is well,that said,if you had been abducted if someone knew would the word not get out quickly and if no one knows,well,there would be no definitive answer!

Seems not get abducting is the best way to go!


Glad you are back and all is well. Was worried as we’re others.


Damn auto correct…