I Was Born This Way

I was reading the Knuckledraggin’ blog, and Ken had a post up about yet another gender identification crisis. Reading the article I found myself becoming uncharacteristically introspective.

We’ve all heard about gender-neutral, gender-fluid, gender-retro-normative, gender-semi-diplastic-thermoset and so on. I have finally figured out where I fit on the spectrum.

I am coming out today as gender-accelerant.

When men are around me, they feel more masculine. When women are around me they feel more feminine.

Don’t judge me. I was born this way.

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AS far as I have seen, “gender fluid” is nothing more than a childish, verbal prank to have whomever is opposing such an imbecile always be “wrong” as to which pronoun to use at any given moment.


Gender accelerant? well, you do have a tendency to inflame the conversation, but I never considered you as a flammable, unless you were set off. Might I suggest gender reinvigorate?

Dan Patterson

Just reading that made my hair grow.

D C Williams

I am paraphrasing this information from the Woodpile Report (http://www.woodpilereport.com).
People are biologically male or female. It is locked into your DNA. Those are their sexes. People don’t have genders. Words have genders. Word genders are masculine or feminine nouns and pronouns. “She” and “he” are genders. “His” and “hers” are genders. These terms are a use of the English language and therefore social constructs. A persons sex, male or female, is not a social construct. I hope this helps you to understand the differences in the proper use of the English language. Never, ever refer to a sex…..as a gender.

Bruce Wayne

How about a picture. It is worth a thousand words.