I Was Born This Way

I was reading the Knuckledraggin’ blog, and Ken had a post up about yet another gender identification crisis. Reading the article I found myself becoming uncharacteristically introspective.

We’ve all heard about gender-neutral, gender-fluid, gender-retro-normative, gender-semi-diplastic-thermoset and so on. I have finally figured out where I fit on the spectrum.

I am coming out today as gender-accelerant.

When men are around me, they feel more masculine. When women are around me they feel more feminine.

Don’t judge me. I was born this way.


Update 19 Oct 2020

I originally wrote the above as a good-natured jab at the LBQWERTY craze that was so popular at the time (Summer 2018). However, as with so many of my writings, this one turned into a dog-whistle. This time, it was an accidental dog-whistle for closet globalists.

If there is one thing that defines a globalist, it is to attack anyone who promotes traditional values in any host population which they infect. They seem to only be able to survive, not by assimilating into a host population, but by destroying it. Curiously, I’ve heard from many sources that closet globalists in their midst have attempted to twist this article into claiming that I am gay or bi, which is of course exactly the opposite of what the article says.

Think of any of your elders that you respect, let’s say your grandfather or grandmother. Did your grandfather wish for his sons and grandsons to be more masculine? Of course! Did he wish for his daughters and granddaughters to be more feminine? Of course! Was he gay or bi? Probably not. The same logic applies to your grandmother. The same logic applies to this article. Normal people, especially those not enraptured by a closeted globalist, understand this fact intuitively.

Now, globalists (closeted and out alike) also know this social fact, but are deeply threatened by it, which is why they have worked so hard to destroy our culture and our people (along with many other cultures and people). People from high-trust cultures tend to generously and naively believe that globalists are simply ignorant of the consequences of their actions. To the contrary, globalists are well-aware of the consequences of their actions; the consequences are features, not bugs. They deliberately promote discord and discontent, confusion and despair, under the banner of “making the world better”, no matter how many people’s lives are destroyed in the process. They are simply evil.

If you think you have a closeted globalist in your group, show them the first part of this article, before this update, and see what they try to get you to believe. Once you have identified a closet globalist, through this or any other means, best not to immediately out them (they will simply scurry away with a shout of “I’ve been found out!”), but instead first evaluate what else they have tried to get you or your group to believe. Or to do. This can be a very effective counter-intelligence tool.

While we’re on the subject, if I were gay or bi, or willing to claim that I am, a strategy that more and more men are turning to out of workplace desperation, I would make a hell of a lot more money. There is such a thing as the lavender (or rainbow) mafia in the American corporate world. This could be due to the coincidence that globalists occupy top positions in the corporate world, and that they also tend to be gay or bi at higher rates than the population at large. Perhaps it is their own dog whistle.

For convenient reference, here is a breakdown of the corporate HR globalist value ladder:

1. A combination of any of the below, with the relative ranking due to the number of the below attributes a single individual possesses, and the relative ranking of each attribute.

2. Male gay/bi or female militant lesbian. Not included here are the more generic female bi-curious.

3. Hispanic male or female (or “Latinx”). A similar logic applies to the twisting of this article. Hispanics tend to be thought of as very sensual and fiery, and so it is easy for a globalist to mislead people into interpreting these stereotypes as the men are closet gay/bi and the women are man-hating shrews, which of course, neither actually are. Hispanics can also be easily misrepresented as a single international culture, which makes them more valuable to globalists than a more genuinely homogeneous tribal group.

4. Native American as a pseudo-international group similar to Hispanics, despite their distinct tribal differences. People in this category are often tagged with “mojo” stereotypes, which delights globalists to no end. Generally promoted by globalists as “Junior Hispanics”, their inclusion in the forthcoming Aztlan is no accident.

5. Jewish male or female, or Muslim, male or female, of any non-white race, specifically excluding Nation of Islam (NoI) blacks (see far below). Conventional wisdom leads us to believe that Jews and Muslims are at each other’s throats, but as sons of Abraham, they are not. You will often find pairs of these in the workplace, amazing all who notice with their congenial teamwork, boosting their respective scores accordingly. They may have a little dramatic spat from time to time so that onlookers will be amazed at their character when they embrace once again. See Entebee.

6. Indian (West Asian) male or female (or other non-Muslim West Asians). Bonus points for a British accent. There is such a thing as an Indian mafia in the corporate world, but it pales in comparison to the lavender mafia. As with other macro groups, globalists delight in mixing conflicting West Asian nationalities and cultures together specifically because of the inevitable resulting friction and stress often unseen by coworkers who imagine them to be a homogeneous group.

7. Black non-Muslim female. Black male and female are distinct separate categories as globalists tend to have a primal fear of black men, unless they are globalist black Muslims.

8. Black non-Muslim male. American black men at low- and mid-levels in the corporate hierarchy often find themselves displaced by immigrant blacks, Muslim or otherwise, at the earliest opportunity. To add insult to injury, corporate globalists will often make these replacements while mouthing platitudes about sensitivity to historical grievances of American blacks. The deliberate sadism behind this practice, and how it is implemented, could be an entire article.

9. White female bi-curious, only because they have the potential to leap near the top, but your generic bi-curious female is unlikely to be militant, unless for purely mercenary reasons. Recruiting these women to militancy, however unsatisfyingly short-lived, gives globalists a thrill similar to being a crack dealer from the sheer pleasure of having destroyed lives, including those of the women they have used as pawns. See Women’s Studies.

10. East Asians, male or female. Most East Asians, as individuals, tend to assimilate well into teams. However, in groups they behave in tribal ways, despite popular conception as multi-national, and in some cases are too strongly tribal for globalist tastes. Globalists passionately hate the Japanese, for example, and take any opportunity to replace them with West Asians or different East Asians at any opportunity, and only tolerate them because they are reliable workers and implicitly respect corporate hierarchies. This explains why globalists strive to keep Japanese isolated in the workplace, or at most, grouped with other East Asians, to perpetual Japanese frustration and globalist hand-rubbing delight.

11. White female other, Christian or not, tolerated only to the degree of espoused globalism, and in any case only until they can be replaced by females with attributes higher in this ladder.

12. White male, globalist, including Muslim or selected globalist-leaning Christians (see below).

13. White male, non-idealistic, non-religious, or simply casually religious. I would use “atheist” instead of “non-religious”, which means the same thing, but globalists have twisted this word to mean “devil-worshiping”, which is of course exactly the opposite of atheist. The general lack of idealism of those in this category makes them reliable cubicle servants unlikely to rock any boat.

14. White male, idealistic Christian. Add in gun advocate, Trump supporter, etc. These people continue to be tolerated in corporate America simply because they are reliable worker drones, although only until they can be pressed aside through automation, outsourcing or immigration with more favorable categories. The Protestant missionary and ecumenical bias (leading to behaviors like favoring adoption of foreign children over their own national children of any race) and the fundamental principles of Catholicism as a multi-national religion also make them more amenable to being promoted into the more tolerated white male globalist category, above.

15. White male, idealistic, including things like gun advocate, Trump supporter, nationalist, and so on, but excluding active Christians. I am here. Although I could have many more friends by pretending to be a Christian, I have too much respect for their faith to do so.

16. Nation of Islam black male or female, as these tend to be too ethno-nationalistic for globalist tastes and not easily controlled by corporate types. See Malcolm X. NoI blacks often find themselves quickly replaced by other non-NoI blacks. Fortunately for them, NoI blacks tend to create their own local economies, so they are more or less immune from globalist workplace meddling, but they are generally excluded from high positions in corporate America.

So, I am near the bottom of the heap in corporate America, and have any income at all only because I am very good at what I do (salvaging projects in crisis). I could rocket myself nearly to the top simply by pretending to be gay or bi (and even higher by pretending to be a gay or bi Christian or, better, a gay or bi Muslim), but no, not my thing.

Don’t judge me. I was born this way.

Now go forth and dog-whistle your favorite closet globalists. It’s the right thing to do.

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AS far as I have seen, “gender fluid” is nothing more than a childish, verbal prank to have whomever is opposing such an imbecile always be “wrong” as to which pronoun to use at any given moment.


Gender accelerant? well, you do have a tendency to inflame the conversation, but I never considered you as a flammable, unless you were set off. Might I suggest gender reinvigorate?

Dan Patterson

Just reading that made my hair grow.

D C Williams

I am paraphrasing this information from the Woodpile Report (http://www.woodpilereport.com).
People are biologically male or female. It is locked into your DNA. Those are their sexes. People don’t have genders. Words have genders. Word genders are masculine or feminine nouns and pronouns. “She” and “he” are genders. “His” and “hers” are genders. These terms are a use of the English language and therefore social constructs. A persons sex, male or female, is not a social construct. I hope this helps you to understand the differences in the proper use of the English language. Never, ever refer to a sex…..as a gender.

Bruce Wayne

How about a picture. It is worth a thousand words.