Trump Targets Obamacare

I’ve been remiss in giving credit to President Trump (EGK) for his accomplishments against formidable opposition in every direction. Sure, there have been some things that have been disappointing, but the wins are worth the setbacks, and we’re far better off than with HRC. One looming win we’ve got our eye on here is the attack on Obamacare.

As I’ve written here before, Obamacare is arguably the most destructive force ever wielded by the deep state against small businesses. The more one digs into it, the more one finds minefields and booby traps for the unwary, as well as a massive shift of health costs from the irresponsible to the responsible, in addition to the deliberate targeting of small businesses.

Although the personal mandate has been on the chopping block for a while, the new association health plan concept looks very promising. Last week, association health plans received a new shot in the arm, and predictably, main stream news sources, such as The New York Times, were apoplectic. Good. The more the poz establishment sweats, the better off we all are.

Doom and gloom quotes from that TNYT article that we find encouraging:

But consumer groups and many state officials are opposed, saying the new plans will siphon healthy people out of the Affordable Care Act marketplace, driving up costs for those who need comprehensive insurance.

Yep, my family doesn’t use drugs and doesn’t need mental health counseling. We’re also proactive about our health and try to avoid eating crap food and drinking poisoned water. Why in the hell are we expected to subsidize people who make deliberately bad life choices like sticking needles in their arms (or whatever the meth equivalent may be) for sport? And as far as food and water goes, most people can’t make good choices here since you can’t find much food that doesn’t seem designed to weaken and sicken you. Getting rid of franken-soy, franken-fats and HFCS in the food supply would take care of a huge swath of health problems for most of the population. There’s a Marxist dialect hiding in that one.

The new entities would be exempt from many of the consumer protections mandated by the Affordable Care Act. They may, for example, not have to provide certain “essential health benefits” like mental health care, …

As far as the mental health issues are concerned, getting kids out of public schools and getting adults to stop watching network television (particularly the social engineering commercials) would be a big move in the right direction. As would eviscerating HR departments and their corporate Stasi collaborators throughout the hierarchy. Boom, depression cured for millions.

… emergency services, maternity and newborn care and prescription drugs.

We paid for both our kids’ deliveries and neonatal care out of pocket decades ago when costs were high, but still reasonable by today’s standards. If the health-industrial complex were held to the same anti-trust laws that other businesses are required to follow, as well as being required to follow published price lists, these costs would be reasonable for everyone now, or at least within reach of the middle class family. No, I’m not talking about price controls, just that Joe Blow on the street with no insurance should get to pay the same discounted price that an insurance company does for the same thing. Everywhere else that insurance/provider scam would be called price-fixing and other incriminatory names.

By the way, this last one exposes the lie that health insurance is insuring anything. Nope, you are just paying for membership in a discount club. Check your bills and you will see that even with deductibles and co-pays, you are still footing generous “actual” costs. The insurance premiums are just more gravy you have to pay. If you could just pay out of pocket what the insurance pays (other than major medical risk spread across a large pool) you wouldn’t need to be paying the outrageous premiums.

Continuing from TNYT …

The rule will allow small-business owners, their employees, sole proprietors and other self-employed people to join together to buy or provide insurance in the large-group market through association health plans.

And that is a problem, how? Most small businesses haven’t been able to keep up with skyrocketing health insurance costs since Obamacare made it “affordable”.

But consumer groups, state officials and Blue Cross Blue Shield plans have long opposed such ideas. They say association health plans will tend to attract employers with younger, healthier workers, leaving behind sicker people in more comprehensive, more expensive plans that fully comply with the Affordable Care Act.

Again, exactly the point. Plus, by cleaning up the food and water, and dialing back the cultural poz as noted above, increased physical and mental health would leave a lot fewer sick people behind.

That could drive up premiums, which have increased as Mr. Trump and Republicans in Congress have undercut many elements of the law, President Barack Obama’s signature domestic achievement.

Nope, premiums have already exponentially increased each year under Obamacare. Nice try.

People with serious illnesses like cancer could face “ever-increasing premiums for comprehensive coverage,” said Chris Hansen, the president of the lobbying arm of the American Cancer Society.

And if those people had been allowed to buy inexpensive major medical policies, an option outlawed by Obamacare, they wouldn’t have wound up in that situation. Legislate a problem into existence, then blame the victim and then block rational alternatives. Another nice Marxist dialectic in action.

The Labor Department says it has identified many “unscrupulous promoters who sell the promise of inexpensive health benefit insurance, but default on their obligations.”

And there are scumbag used car dealers out there, yet we still manage to buy cars, don’t we?

The list goes on. The bottom line is, although the association health plans are still on the drawing board, we are encouraged each time we see the deep state and its organs such as TNYT losing their minds when one of their pet projects gets attacked.

Fingers crossed for Dodd-Frank, particularly the CFPB, to receive similar attention.

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