True Confessions of a Covid Denier

Mid March, just as a pending lockdown of the Dallas/Fort-Worth (DFW) area was being announced, I was turning onto I-30 heading back to Tennessee. My trusty Infiniti FX35 (aka “Missy”), with which I have weathered many client engagements, was full to the brim with client material, after what was to be a many-months onsite assignment was suddenly converted into remote. My one-month stay in DFW, my corporate apartment lying within view of the airport compound, managed to span the rise of the well over-hyped Covid hysteria, including seeing urban DFW natives converted almost overnight into preppers. Good for them, more on that later.

This adventure started mid-January, when I received a call from a recruiter about this position. At the time, the hype machine was just getting fired off, so I was understandably a little concerned about heading into the belly of any beast so close to a major airport hub. However, math and science to the rescue; I did some napkin math and decided that the reality didn’t match the hype. By the end of January, where the math said there should have been somewhere between 50 thousand and a quarter million dead worldwide, there simply wasn’t, or those deaths weren’t being reported. It was this math that convinced me that we were seeing yet another made-up crisis (albeit with a serious flu that would be deadly to at-risk people as would any deadly flu), and if anything, the number of dead was probably being over-reported, or more likely, over-attributed to the virus. By the time the assignment officially started in mid-February, life along the southern route through Jackson was still more or less routine, including yet another Pearl River flood that threatened to crest I-20. Life in DFW was more or less routine, including the predictably indigestable Tex-Mex. The local Walmart was clean and well-stocked, and shopping at some local malls for office-wear upgrades was uneventful. Tarik (editor for the Portuguese edition of “Starving the Monkeys”), was able to drive up from Houston and we had a nice lunch at an I-45 truck stop half-way.

A month later, the DFW area was like a scene from a zombie movie. I was never so happy to cross the bridge into Memphis before, not over concern of the virus itself, but concern of the opportunistic mental infection that had seemed to cripple so many peoples’ common sense in so short of a time, with more likely to follow. In addition, our previous experience with local corruption made it clear that lockdown orders are really nothing more than an excuse for revenue generation via ticketing public gatherings or other imagined public health infractions.

Since then, the insanity has only grown, but only in the mind of self-important public officials does this crisis seem to exist in any reality apart from their own actions. They appear to mistake compliance to insane over-reach with buy-in; the two are absolutely not the same thing. In DFW, just before I left, many people had the look of fear in their eyes, but not over the virus, which people seemed to instinctively grasp isn’t much of a threat. Instead, their fear was wondering how other people might react, and how their own governments might put their lives and livelihood at risk over nothing. It is more than a little unsettling for people to be confronted with the abject evil of official over-reach for the first time. Suddenly, for many of them, conspiracy theories didn’t seem that far off base. Again, good for them.

In rural Tennessee, however, despite the me-too lockdown orders from the Governor (apparently hoping to fit in at the cool kids’ table), things are much more sedate and reasonable. Marginal compliance, if that, appeared to be the rule of the day among a people descended from a Copperhead Road culture, where indeed, a country boy can survive.

What won’t survive this made-up crisis, however, is the globalist empire. This will be seen as the point in history at which the globalist empire committed suicide.

What the official types, fawning over their own self-importance and let-them-eat-cake-they-can’t-buy mentality in sucking up to the whims of their globalist masters, cannot seem to understand is how much seething hatred and anger they have generated among the people most likely to have, mistakenly, shed blood for the globalists. Southern and Appalachian evangelicals, especially, have been singled out for official abuse, and not even allowed to attend a drive-in service without being gleefully ticketed, or having their already marginal subsistence callously yanked from under them, yet these are the exact people upon whom the globalists most rely for buy-in for their imperial ambitions.

Without those people in their corner, the US military will be reduced to little more than mercenaries; economic draftees I’ve called them in the past. Mercenaries won’t stand and fight. Mercenaries won’t maintain the complex systems essential for the fake-quality-over-actual-quantity weapons upon which the globalist empire depends. Economic draftees will, however, gleefully pull the pin on the frag.

Regarding those conspiracy theories, the globalists have finally pulled off one they can’t easily hide. No matter what one’s opinion may be about 9/11 itself, no objective scientist or engineer can look at the official report and come to any other conclusion than, in the most generous interpretation, that it is grossly incomplete and misleading, and would receive a failing grade if submitted as senior project paper. That exercise in deceit and manipulation, however glaring and arrogant, will be seen to pale in comparison to this one.

In the case of Covid, I’m not the only one who can do the math; exponential and decay processes work the same for everyone. Worse for the globalists, there just aren’t going to be enough bodies piling up to justify the insane over-reaction. If the official story is to be believed, almost everyone will eventually get this (close to 100% morbidity, or infection rate), and flattening the curve is about preventing excess mortality, not reducing baseline mortality. Assuming a baseline mortality rate of no more than 1% in our first-rate third-world medical system, besting the 2% of China, let’s say, the globalists are going to have to come up with about 3 million domestic bodies eventually. Or six million, if the 2% number, the stuff of imaginary crisis worth destroying one’s nation over a provably false lie, is to be believed. Since those bodies aren’t going to produce themselves, the globalists will do what they do best … lie. But this time, statistics will give them away to every scientist, engineer, medical professional, school teacher or homeschooling mother who bothers to look at the data objectively. For a time, heart attacks, cancer, diabetes, and other causes of death will plummet as these are falsely attributed to Covid. This signature, indicating a deliberate and premeditated economic, social and cultural destruction, the actual human cost to an already reeling populace be damned, will be unmistakable to anyone who cares to look.

And then the anger will really take root.

This isn’t the first time that the globalists have destroyed cultures and people for their own selfish benefit.

This is, however, the first time that they’ve had the tone-deaf arrogance to do so on such a public and global scale.

The future, my friends, will be glorious.

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Handy N Handsome

Since day one of the Trump presidency, I’ve said over and over again that the globalists, never Trumpers, media, and democrat scumbags will do ANYTHING to take this president down.
Sad to say, I now have the proof.


Recently released numbers from CDC tell the actual story. Your napkin math was right. TPTB were WAY wrong.