Thank You, President Trump

Oh no! A Trump supporter! Wail and gnash!

Thank you, President Trump, for giving all of us four years to build whatever shelter we could manage against what is coming.

You did not always do things the way we wanted, and things you could have done would have been endlessly second-guessed by those who should have supported you. You allowed yourself to be surrounded by Deep State enemies during your entire tenure, including in your own household, and you weren’t always “our guy” (there can never be a true “our guy” in this hijacked system).

But if your presidency did nothing more than to make 80+ million Americans find themselves again, and find each other, so that we could make our own way forward through the growing wreckage of a crumbling and dangerous wounded-animal empire, that’s enough. At the very least, the jackals finally, increasingly, came out into the light in order to attack you, so that we could see who was attacking us, and why.

As far as I’m concerned, for the next four years, you remain the duly-elected President-in-exile of this disintegrating empire. That’s like being the duly-appointed CEO-in-exile of a monkey-paste factory which is in the process of burning to the ground while the imposters run around setting more fires, but it is what it is.

You may be, quite possibly, the last such duly-elected President, before others whose faces will be marred by dust and sweat and blood (re: Teddy’s “man in the arena” speech) pick up the pieces of what remains of the wreckage and move our people forward into our future.

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