Repost: Defamating Update: Shots Fired

This was originally posted as a static page. Reposted into the blog format.

Since publishing the original Defamating the Government article on the 30th of September, someone took at least one potshot at one of my buildings. This round was fired from the road, and grazed my For Sale sign.

Entry hole

The entry hole is shown above, and shows a right-to-left trajectory. Exit hole is shown below, trajectory is left-to-right.

Exit hole

Random hunter lost a stray round? Nope. Check out the approximate trajectory:


The round originated on a line terminating at a nearby vacant building, which would have masked any hunter in the field beyond. This only leaves someone in the building, on the road or sidewalk, or in a passing vehicle.

The strike on the sign seems incidental, as shown in the following shooter’s perspective photo:

Shooter's perspective

It seems as if I am onto something really tasty, and the natives are not just getting restless, they are losing their minds.

I said this was going to be an interesting story.

Manassas, Georgia, 06 Oct 2016

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WRSA lead me here when they posted a link to your old site a few days ago. After reading the post on the old site, I found your book. I read it through and finished it last night. I kept coming back to your site for the errata page while I’m building out my library. Thank you for that. Keep giving TPTB the hell the deswerve.