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Pyrolyzer In Action

Pyrolyzer (Wood Gasifier) In Action

At the start of 2016, we launched a family-friendly blog, Since then, we have been caught up with the local crime and corruption drama, so we haven’t put in much effort over there since then.

Old School Tech is a home for family-friendly guides about how to do and build interesting things. While Starving The Monkeys will always have a bit of an edge to it and tackle controversial topics from time to time (as in usually), Old School Tech is much more wholesome, like a 1950s science class film series. STM will link to OST, but not the other way around, keeping that site kid-friendly. We’ll also avoid using OST pingbacks to sites like STM, so if you find one we let through, let us know and we’ll drop it.

We’ll usually link to each new Old School Tech article from here as they come out. Please post your technical and kid-friendly comments over there, and your blood-and-guts comments about the projects and their potential applications over here.

We also especially want comments about better tools and better use of tools and techniques on OST. We go through a lot of projects, forget to document most of them, and don’t claim to be experts in the best way to build or fix everything. We usually get something working, and then move on to the next project. If you have a better way to do something, help us help everyone else.

So, here are the existing projects over there, take a look and tell us what you think:

3D Printed Cat Pill Syringe (with video)

Pyrolyzer Safety

Building A Simple Pyrolyzer (with video)

And, as with Starving The Monkeys, if you have a hands-on project or practical technique you want to tell people about, let us know and we’ll get it some exposure on both sites.

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