10,000 Visitors!

steakknives300Since launching the new blog format on the 11th of October, in about two weeks, we’ve had 10,000 visitors (and 27,375 visits). If I knew who the 10,000th visitor was, I would offer them this free picture of a nice set of steak knives, as shown to the right. Click to redeem.

I’m not entirely sure what WordPress defines as a visitor versus a visit, but since it is a number, I am sure it means something. Regardless, it is somewhat of a milestone, mostly because we have ten fingers. If I had lost one somewhere, the 9000th, or more likely, the 6561st visitor, would be just as important. It depends on what you like more, round things, or powers.

The bulk of these visits came from two other blogs, Knuckledraggin’ and WRSA. Thanks to both of those sites for their support and encouragement.

The three top posts so far are shown below:

#1 Hurricane AAR: Don’t Use Don’t, about our experiences with a listening post after Hurricane Matthew,

#2 New Statesboro Krispy Kreme, about an unedited raw video Audrey and I shot just before the hurricane, and

#3 Future America: Up Goer Five, a link to and commentary about an xkcd drawing introducing Future America, a new series we’ll be doing about the decline.

Until WRSA linked to the AAR late on the 23rd, the two fun ones were way out in front, almost 3x the AAR (and even that one is a little fun). The AAR then shot ahead overnight.

Thanks again for everyone who has shown up to see what is going on over here and those who have offered advice on blogging and content. I really appreciate it.


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james pierce

I was the 10,000th viewer , and thanks for the picture