GeorgePatton325: Should We Vote?

As with JC Dodge last week, GeorgePatton325 nails the Trump vote. Money quote from that post:

“Quite frankly, I am supporting Donald Trump merely for his potential to destroy the machine.”

A friend and I were discussing this the other day, and I responded that Trump is an icon, meaning a symbol for something else: he and his campaign are a collecting point for outrage against the machine. His campaign is based on traditional American mythology, and this has grown larger than the campaign or the candidate himself. It is this resurgence of the mythology, the legend of the traditional American, and the unwinding of the tolerance for decades of relentless progressive attacks on that heritage, that is frightening the established powers.

Over the years, I’ve seen lots of candidates make lots of promises, and then break them to a man. Even if he pulls a typical Republican zombie move and caves after taking office, that particular cat will already be out of the bag. There isn’t any turning back from this resurgence, it is a one-way ticket no matter what the outcome.

h/t Knuckledraggin

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