Leech City Update, 15 Nov 2016

We put up a new post over at LeechCity.online, this time it is about some of the criminal history in our area and why we have fortified the place. That article lays the groundwork for future articles explaining the difference between criminals and corrupt politicians (spoiler: corrupt politicians are worse). For those of you just joining our program already in progress, LeechCity.online is our public affairs organ in our campaign to reign in out of control local governments, and is a counterbalance to some of the local news outlets. Whitewashing, controlled opposition and disinformation isn’t just for national media, check your local rag stand.

More leech news:

  • Our Leech City yard signs have shipped. They might even come in later today.
  • You will recall that B. Jay Swindell, the former Manassas city attorney, is now sitting in over at Reidsville. At their city council meeting last night, he actually used the words “from a Constitutional standpoint” when discussing a proposed ordinance. Good on him that he can pronounce the words, now let’s see if he knows what they mean.
  • Speaking of pronunciation, the Manassas mayor and a councilman struggled with the word “philanthropic” (or “philanthropy”, it still isn’t clear what the hell they were trying to say). This was contained in a lip-moving letter from one of their associates talking about how awesome the city leadership is for shoving a bunch of disabled elderly people into a community center, for a couple of days, said community center having only one grossly substandard restroom without disabled accommodations (you and I would be class-action sued into oblivion for this). At one point, I am sure I heard the word “philanderer”. They seem to rehearse a bunch of other stuff they say, I don’t understand why they didn’t rehearse this pat on the back.
  • Manassas hired the new attorney, but on an on-call, hourly basis, which should be a gold mine for him. Poor guy would be ruined if he had agreed to pro bono. It also appears that they have been keeping some of their dirty laundry hidden. We’ll help fill him in. Pro tip: you can fool your enemies, your friends, and even yourself, but you are an idiot if you try to fool your own attorney.
  • You may also recall that we gave the new Reidsville mayor the benefit of the doubt. Last night he lost it a little bit. We’ll visit him and see if we can’t help him get back on track. If not, we’ll nail him into the ground like the rest.
  • We also met several Reidsville dissidents. These guys have been pretty effective as individuals, but are reaching the limit of their effectiveness. We’ll see if our council of elders, particularly the public affairs, psychological warfare and legal advisors, can’t help them up their game, and put some bite in their bark.

Details on all this, and more, later. Each of these contain useful learning points and sources of pressure. As usual, we give you a seat at the operations center so you can see how the sausage is made, and better adapt these techniques to your local situation.

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