Faithless Elector Update, 22 Nov 2016

The oblate liberty spheroid is abuzz with talk about Trump electors receiving threats of violence unless they change their support when the Electoral College selects the next President in December. As usual, while infuriating, these threats are likely to be misdirection to conceal the actual manipulations behind the scenes. The actual manipulations are likely to be a combination of bribes and extortion of selected electors to inject a “reasonable, healing” third party into the mix, allowing a compromised (in the corrupted, rather than the diplomatic sense) House to deep-select a pasty cuckservative. I doubt that Hillary is the intended beneficiary of an electoral steal.

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Things that history has taught us:

  1. The House of Representatives is a thoroughly compromised pawn of the international financial oligarchs, and is incapable of taking effective action on behalf of American nationalism. See 2008 bailout and Obamacare for only two examples of this fact.
  2. Marxism is a artificial construct created to serve the interests of the financial oligarchs, and has performed this role admirably for the better part of two centuries. Whenever we see Marxist chaos (BLM, threats against electors, and so on), the proper question is “how does this benefit the financial oligarchs?”
  3. Cuckservatism, as a counterpoise to its Marxist fraternal twin, is also an artificial construct created to serve the interests of the financial oligarchs, and has performed this role admirably for about half a century. Whenever we see mainline cuckservatives spouting their playbook platitudes, the above question is also proper.
  4. Chaos, distress and conflict allow the financial oligarchs an open field to work their self-enriching misery on the world. As a result, no major outcome under their control will benefit any group sufficient to satisfy the members of that group, as the power to enrage and manipulate its members would be removed.
  5. Traditional American and Euro-centric values are always under attack, and the strongest potential sources of resistance to the financial oligarchs are the most targeted. A future article will address the looming social purge that this election cycle has created.
  6. Middle America has shown time and again its willingness to be led to its own destruction, usually through seemingly reasonable compromises, the benefits of which are illusory or otherwise never materialize.

Given the above, and the Constitutional provisions of the Electoral College, these rational conclusions follow:

  1. It is not necessary that die-hard electors defect, it is sufficient for the financial oligarchs that these serve as public whipping posts for threats of violence to soften up the actual electoral targets and increase the perceived need for “healing”.
  2. Cuckservative party-hack electors are the actual target, and the weapons of choice for these are bribes and extortion (see Epstein pedophilic party junkets, for one example of how the battlefield has already been prepared). These hacks are still stinging from Trump defeating their favorites, will easily flip on a dime to a suitable alternative, and feel good for doing so. While it is not politically practical (or even necessary) to flip these electors to Hillary, it is entirely practical and possible (read as likely) to flip them to a third alternative or to abstain and topple Trump’s electoral majority. Both roles are likely to be used.
  3. Although bribery and extortion will be the actual reasons for flipping, “a sense of pragmatic conscience” will be sold as the public reasons.
  4. Media will cover for the above, hailing them as heroes. Middle America, offered a suitable cuckservative alternative on a platter, will gobble up this line eagerly, breathing a sigh of relief that at least it wasn’t Hillary.
  5. Since it is necessary for the financial oligarchs to keep the Marxist rabble enraged and on the march, attacking and purging traditional white America, their allowing the House puppets to select Hillary would be counter-productive in both the short- and long-term.
  6. A palatable cuckservative outcome will pacify Middle America, while satisfying no one, and not upsetting the national status quo. Marxist extremists will remain enraged, and, fortified in the knowledge that “they” defeated Trump,  redouble their efforts to attack white America as a battle half-won. Traditional Americans, blackwashed as right-wing-extremists, will be blamed for not respecting the Constitutional process, and become the primary targets of the coming social purge.

All of this is driven by classic Hegelian dialectic, the centuries-old modus operandi of the financial oligarchy before these things had names, and is beyond the scope of this article. Remember, Constitutionally, it is not necessary that the defecting electors outnumber Hillary’s (thesis), or Trump’s (antithesis), merely that they eliminate Trump’s majority and inject a suitable alternative into third place, even if only by a single elector, so that the House can create an alternative presidency, and “heal the nation” (synthesis).

As I mentioned in the original The Final Veil Is Falling article, the only way Trump can avoid this outcome, if he is for real (and if so even this may not be enough), is to virtue-signal compliance, at least until the Electoral College has voted. The recent rumblings of ignoring Hillary’s crimes may be evidence of this, as well as selection of some beltway insiders for cabinet picks (Mattis, for example). The dismissal of Christie and gang, and the full-frontal assault on the press recently, while classic Trump, may be counterproductive.

If this is to come to pass, we will shortly see a slate of cuckservative options being trial-ballooned. Shortly after that, mainstream pundits will begin to “what if?” a favorite cuckservative presidency. When we see these two events, we will know the fix is in.

Bottom line: be prepared for the unexpected, and do not over-react. A cuckservative replacement campaign, whether carried to completion or merely threatened, can be used by our public affairs efforts to recruit dissatisfied Middle America types away from the star-spangled nipple, and toward a more rational self-reliant model based on reality rather than illusions.

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