Leech City Corruption Primer

In a previous Leech City post, described here for the STM reader, we motivate the local dissident to see official corruption as favoring and harboring organized crime. In this new Leech City post, Corruption Has Many Faces, we extend the definition of corruption as a laundry list of misconduct by officials.

The objective of this new Leech City post is to help local dissidents see misconduct in an organized way, helping them to better root out corruption. Intelligence professionals will recognize the older MICE format, applied to official misbehavior. A future article will apply the newer, interactive RASCLS format, both for how officials go bad and how to detect and uncover their misbehavior. We’ll also use this format to assist local dissidents in recruiting others to their cause.

For those unfamiliar with the MICE and RASCLS formats, and the important descriptive and behavioral differences between them, see this OpenCdA article on the topic.

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