2016 Thanksgiving Message

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful that I have an amazing family, and a great wife who has been by my side for more than three decades. Many of our brethren are not so fortunate. Their lives destroyed by the phenomenon of divorcerape, they are the victims of a deliberate war waged against the American family, where wives and mothers, seeking the easy payouts of alimony and child support payments, have been turned into the destroyers.

It is a fact of nature that women tend to follow the strongest influence they see around them, and via the influence of “u go gurrl” mass media, Big Daddy Government has been marketed as the strongman of them all. Pimping false security, Big Daddy promises all if only she will sell out the father of her children, the man who loves those children more than anyone else in the world. Their father certainly loves them, and her, more than any government drones, who see those children as merely pawns in their sick game of power. Along the way, the women, instead of being revered as wives and mothers, become hardly more than prostitutes, selling out their own families for a string of checks.

So, this Thanksgiving, let’s remember our enslaved and shattered brethren whose families have been destroyed, often behind his back in collusion with FaceTube, Twatter and the television, while he was out earning a living for them. For those of you fortunate enough to be with an intact family this year, turn to the mother of your children, pull her close, look deep into her eyes, and tell her, from the bottom of your heart …

… how lucky she is to be with a man like you.

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A strong message, right on the mark.

John S

One of them there topics where it takes balls to speak the truth and you just pulled out a big ol’ beautiful pair of ’em right there. Teabag’n all the takers and fakers along the way with ’em too by God! Oh yeah, the truth is always well said when pair’d up with big ol’ set o’righteous balls. Good job brother!


Nailed it. Thank you.


I too was the victim of such a thing. Many years ago, so the sting is gone, but the bitter taste will never go away, nor the lost time with my kids. I am fortunate that I am able to have a great relationship with them, now, but you have indeed hit the nail hard. The level of child support that I paid was the same that my ex wife’s brother paid for 4 kids. I payed it for 17 and a half years, for 3 then 2 then 1 kid. It was considered rape when my ex brother in law paid it, but for me, it was deemed barely enough, by the ex. At least I have spent the last 24 plus years with a woman who loves me and I am crazy about. And here in MI, they are starting to look more at parenting plans, than just at the woman gets all.


Tom, it has been just this past year – after 30 years together – she left for what she wants, not what God wants… thankfully the kids are grown, but the damage her selfishness has done to the family is almost irreparable (God still works miracles) But I’m still thankful.) For all the blessings in all our lives… give thanks with a grateful heart. Be safe and blessed brother.