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Dwight and Steve Hammond were convicted and imprisoned on federal arson charges for burning off pasture land, a routine land management process. The Hammonds were subsequently released from prison after serving their original sentences. However, they were then re-sentenced, and re-imprisoned, under the justification that the original sentences were less than mandatory minimum sentences. I believe that this re-imprisonment is unjust, particularly in light of the number of rioters who roam the streets free after setting fire to homes, businesses and public property, and am supporting the White House petition to have the Hammonds pardoned and released.

Unfortunately, the Hammonds and their cause have been the subject of many attempts, by both individuals and groups, to self-aggrandize by leveraging the sympathy that are justly due the Hammond family. I ask that we look beyond these hijackings of their cause, and send a message to help the Hammonds themselves.

Please join me in signing the White House petition, and share this link with others. Until the petition expires on December 19th, each article on this site will have the link at the bottom as a reminder.

Postscript: I signed this petition on Tuesday, the 22nd of November, and it had 885 signatures. After clicking on the confirmation email, the page only showed 881. Consider taking a screen shot before and after signing; I wish that I had.

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I’m on board with it, thanks for sending the link.


I thought this was a done deal and had for lack of better word “expired”.The original believe I was about signer 350 or so and it died at 1500 signatures,if this is a new one glad to sign.
I hope the lack of captcha works out and folks leave more comments,James


[…] Sign The Hammond Petition! […]


Signed it and forwarded the link on to the Oregon Farm Bureau and the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association, both of which were early supporters of the Hammonds.


When I signed it, there were 1,032 signatures, this morning there’s 1,141, good to see some people are doing this.