Faithless Elector Update, 29 Nov 2016

Once again, the faithless elector astroturf plan continues its short march to December. Each week since the election, like clockwork, news about the faithless elector project emerges, compelling me to write an update. I was hoping that this week would be an exception, but no. Yesterday, Wirecutter at the Knuckledraggin blog posted a link to this article by a “conflicted elector”. Note the “crisis of conscience” predicted on this blog as a ruse to cause a sufficient number of Trump electors to fall by the wayside, paving the way for a third pick by a corrupted House.

It is important to note all the “biblical” and “Christian” references thrown out as justifications, as if this guy had never thought that any of the party hack candidates, which he, in advance, blindly pledged to support, might have been a scumbag. Whether he really does think Jesus is telling him to not vote for Trump or he is being bribed or extorted with party plane video, or both, and using faith as a cover, is impossible to say. What does matter is that this new development exactly matches the predicted pattern, and that this long-winded justification provides cover for others to flip.

Another ruse has also arisen, and this is the Green Party (a clear Marxist controlled opposition group) recount demands. These demands, called late in the process, threaten to push recounts past the qualifying period for the electoral college, effectively taking even more Trump electors out of the mix.

Still in play: the favored son compromised compromise candidate roster has yet to clearly emerge. While Cruz remains the Vegas favorite among the StM commentariat, his controversial citizenship status may make him too hot to gracefully handle.

Or maybe the financial oligarchs just want to shove him down our throats for the sheer glee of watching people argue about his qualifications and thus distracting from the central issue of this perversion of the framer’s marketing. For this purpose, he may be the ideal choice.

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I read earlier today someone filed for recount in Nevada and was heading to Florida next. As you mentioned, these recounts would take the Electorals from those affected states out of the mix. All the chest thumping Trumpers might want to hold off till after 12/19.


This was completely predictable. My take is that this “faithless elector” was bought off and is hiding behind the Bible as an excuse. Trump is supposedly not “Biblically” qualified? What the hell does the Bible have to do with it or anything in the District of Corruption? Hell, and are we supposed to believe that Hillary IS “Biblically qualified”? We can safely assume that this a$$hat is going to be the snowball that brings the avalanche down. I knew Trump’s election was too good to be true. Soros had a hand in this, btw; I read that he provided the lion’s share of the money needed to buy the recount that Stein is pushing for. She has even threatened to sue if not granted a HAND recount (would take forever). This is just unbelievably depressing.

ed. I wouldn’t call it depressing, more like informative. Decades ago, shifty things went on that we didn’t even know about. Now, we can see it all happening; they don’t get to sneak around like before. Knowing about it is a powerful thing, and may even keep it from happening. Regardless, we can prepare accordingly rather than just reacting when these things happen.


Under the 12th Amendment, only the top three vote recipients are eligible for consideration if no candidate receives the necessary majority of electoral college votes. So no, Cruz is not a contender: only Trump, Clinton, and it appears, Johnson could be considered.

ed. Under the 12th Amendment, “votes” doesn’t mean the popular vote, it means the electoral vote. The electors can vote for whomever they wish, which is the point of this exercise. We won’t know who the top three are until it is a done deal.


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