Selecting A Rural Area

I was invited by NC Renegade to speak in Murphy, North Carolina, about local government topics. This talk centered around a process for selecting a rural area, and how the growing threat of the criminal + local corruption alliance can affect that decision. We really appreciate the hospitality shown to us by the NC Renegade team that weekend, it was a great experience. Video of the presentation, shot and posted by NC Renegade, is shown below.

Topics covered include:

Dangerous assumptions / outdated views
Federal / local corruption parallels
Selective enforcement as a policy tool
Local government types and roles
Local official indoctrination process
Rural selection criteria
Crime / corruption warning signs

The last content slide asks the question, “Will I fight for these people?” Left on the cutting room floor for the above video was a question, which didn’t carry over in audio very well from the back of the room, whether I would fight for the people in our new area. My answer in that missing segment was absolutely, without question.

The time and effort invested in applying this process to find our new area, over a period of years, was well worth it before purchasing here. It is difficult to describe how nice it is to be surrounded by great people in an awesome rural community.

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William Marcom

Excellent presentation. I see several topics mirrored in my small town (17k) of Mineral Wells, TX.

Daniel K Day

Dittos, excellent content there.


We have a 2nd home on a lake in a rural community about 100 miles from our home in a major metro area. One of the reasons was its racial makeup; very homogeneous. If and when necessary, we will decamp there. It’s very conservative, and the populace is well-armed and neighborly. We can sell our home and bank enough to sit tight for a long while. While one can never have enough ammo; we have enough stored there to be OK, as pretty much everyone in close proximity there is also doing the same.

However, my kids will be entering a workforce in a very different world.