Yellow Vests and You


The growing Yellow Vest (Gilets Jaunes) phenomenon in France is an important milestone in the evolution of resistance to the globalist self-selected elites. Unsurprisingly, the usual globalist suspects are using their power and influence to divert attention from this movement, and to subvert or muddy the waters regarding their intentions. Here is what I’ve been able to glean from what information has been leaking out, the various opinions and reactions, and how this movement educates us about our own domestic future.

Leftists or Nationalists?

From a perusal of various patriot/liberty sites, it is clear that a main objection to support for the yellow vests appears to be “they’re all communists on all sides, so to hell with them”. I think this is an incredibly short-sighted perspective. Although it is true that the French government has been heavily socialist in the post-war decades, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing for the French people. I’ve done business with many French entrepreneurs over the years, and all have spoken with pride about their nationalist system that provides healthcare for Frenchmen, clean nuclear energy (they reprocess spent fuel so their nuclear industry is orders of magnitude cleaner per generated kilowatt-hour than our once-through deliberate nuclear crotch kick), and supports French domestic industries and culture. For Frenchmen.

Until recently, high taxes appeared to have been only a minor issue to French entrepreneurs or other middle class Frenchmen, akin to the “weapons morale” that a Marine experiences from being able to hump a pack for 20+ miles and then be combat effective upon arrival. To the Frenchmen I have known, including several entrepreneurs running French businesses, the sacrifice is worth the nationalist benefits and the spirit of national and cultural solidarity that they create. The key is that those benefits accrue to Frenchmen. Without this important tribal/nationalist caveat, the French are just as susceptible to resentment over high taxes and abuse of public services as anyone else.

From their perspective, it is as if the French are one large family, or tribe, and so the idea of abuse of services is a topic of public shame heaped upon the abusers in a self-correcting ethic. This is difficult for Americans to comprehend, as this country is a mishmash of various tribes, so the idea of the French tribe supporting an intra-tribal socialism (much as one might find in a very extended but closely identified family) seems strange and worthy of mockery.

It’s not just one leftist against another. From the yellow vest perspective it is the French nationalists against the globalists and their domestic traitors. Or put differently, national socialists against global socialists, with the key being nationalist versus globalist, as not all socialists are necessarily communist/leftists. That distinction alone indicates to me that we should be supporting nationalists (wherever they may be found) as allies against our own drift toward globalism and loss of national culture.

Myth: They’re Just Angry About the Tax Bill Coming Due

This myth is an easy way to mock the French, but as mentioned above, higher taxes do not appear to be the root problem. Rather than the taxes themselves, the notion of higher taxes spent elsewhere other than promoting benefits for Frenchmen, or to actively harm the French, is the problem. The contentious and possibly fraudulent election of the clearly globalist Macron, whose allegiances are unmistakably toward anyone but the Frenchman on the street, and the ongoing and planned diversion of French national resources to non-French or anti-French purposes, has now caused those previously tolerable high taxes to become intolerable.

We can relate this to our own experience. Think of any worthwhile grand endeavor that benefits your people. To me, such a thing was early space exploration, which was a source of nationalist inspiration and the spark for much of our modern technology. The benefits which came from that are incalculable. Who wouldn’t tolerate higher taxes if they were being responsibly spent on uplifting the entire nation in a genuinely beneficial way? Contrast this to the feeling of paying taxes when you know the proceeds are being used to enrich those who wish to destroy your way of life, and you are being lied to about it (such as a space program designed to promote a globalist agenda).

Imposing a carbon-friendly (whatever that is supposed to mean) energy tax on the French, when they are already the world’s leader (due to their reprocessing infrastructure) in clean nuclear energy, an investment that they have already paid for as a source of national pride, to fund globalist coffers to then harm their way of life, is an insult that the Frenchman on the street simply can no longer tolerate.

Myth: The Yellow Vests are Violent and Attacking People and Facilities …

While I have no doubt that the French are capable of rousing their inner Guillotine/Crusader/Colonial, it appears that so far the organic Yellow Vest movement is limited to taunting the Macron government another time.

It is also clear that the usual globalist suspects are up to their typical dirty tricks and seeding the protests with their own people to perform false flag attacks. Much as domestic liberty/patriot event attendees are alert to agents provocateur seeded among them, the Yellow Vests will often caution one another to the actions of the Black Block (think Antifa) seeded among them.

Expect this trend to continue, just as the feds and their foreign intelligence handlers continue their attempts to disrupt Heritage American sentiment.

Myth: … While the French Police Demonstrate Restraint with Nonlethal Means

Several Yellow Vests have already been killed, and many more maimed, by the use of “non-lethal” force by the French police. A common tactic appears to be to shoot key protestors in the eye with rubber bullets, causing permanent loss of vision in that eye. This is a clear intimidation move designed to send a message.

That message may wind up being received. Expect someday to see the guillotines manned by people with eye patches. Or a strengthened sense of French nationalism where the leadership is vetted by their sacrifice. Recall that it was not uncommon in modern history for Prussian aristocracy to be distinguished by war or dueling wounds.

Expect similar treatment of Heritage Americans in the coming post-Trump era as they react against cultural destruction as the concept of selective enforcement expands.

Myth: The French Police Back the Government

The more the Macron government overreaches, the less it finds itself trusting the whole-hearted support of the French police. Although their leadership ranks have traditionally been globalist sympathizers (for decades it has been impossible to attain mid to high leadership positions without demonstrated globalist sympathies), the average street cop is swaying toward the nationalist sentiment.

Complicating the situation somewhat is that the French police come in two major flavors. The national police (or Police Nationale) are what we would think of as civilian police, concentrated in the larger urban areas. There also exists the equivalent of a military police (or Gendarmerie Nationale), France lacking any Posse Comitatus restrictions. In a sense, the Gendarmerie, drawn from various regions and having a military chain of command, was considered a reliable political backstop to the local police in any given area as the lack of local ties gave them a less locally subjective view. However, as the Yellow Vests are a national movement, the allegiance of any given Gendarmerie member is just as likely to be pro Yellow Vest versus con.

This national uprising has caused a major upheaval for the domestic suppression plans, to the point that both police branches are being pushed aside by hastily deputized foreign (in many cases English-speaking) mercenaries. In addition, the Macron government has made an agreement with Merkel to “cross-deck” forces against nationalist uprisings in either country.

Domestically, expect much of what Matt Bracken has written over the years regarding the use of foreign military and mercenaries for domestic suppression in the unlikely event that our native policy enforcement agents abandon their current rush to pension and other self-serving allegiances. While the French can easily make the argument that the cop on the street is betraying his countrymen by supporting Macron, the lack of a similar national identity here gives our own police permission to look the other way for the growing trend of selective enforcement abuses.

Diversion: Yellow Vests in Other Countries are Definitely Pushing A Leftist Agenda

This discussion is about the French Yellow Vest movement and their French nationalist implications. I have no doubt that the goodwill they’ve generated will be perverted for other movements with other aims. Some of these other movements will be false flags designed to erode support for the French nationalists.

Media Blackout

If anything should inform us about the value of the Yellow Vest movement, it is the worldwide media blackout imposed on much of this nationalist movement. If it weren’t for the Internet, we would hardly know it exists. Starving a movement of “oxygen”, as the media globalists put it, is a tactic often used, particularly in advance of a harsh clampdown. Clearly, this situation alone demonstrates that media coverage isn’t about truth, or even generating viewership and ad revenue, as we were all taught but no longer believe. Heritage Americans are already experiencing media blackouts on events that harm the globalist narrative. Expect this trend to continue and accelerate. Anything the globalist media doesn’t want us to know about is probably a good thing to know about.

The Uncertain End State

What is the end state of the French Yellow Vest movement? Given that the globalists are already signalling harsh and lethal crackdowns and reprisals, while the Yellow Vests themselves are organized as a peaceful movement, the end result is probably a hardening of an underground resolve while the movement itself appears to vanish. Where that leads in the future is anyone’s guess. It is unclear which world power, if any, will step to the plate to back an underground French Resistance, even as the astroturf Red Scarf Vichy begins to emerge (including an unsurprising Red Scarf/Red Shield analogy).

However events unfold, it is clear that the resurgence of French nationalist spirit will be a monkey wrench in the globalists’ plans, particularly since France had been thought to be one of their crown jewels. This situation is analogous to the Trump election: whether or not President Trump accomplishes a fraction of the hopes people had placed in him, the simple fact of his serving as a rallying point for Heritage America has provided more value than we could have hoped in the dark days of 2016. Similarly, the Yellow Vests have already provided value as a rallying point for Heritage France. The globalists cannot be happy about either of these outcomes, and that’s good enough for me.

The Final Words

This pro-Yellow-Vest video, scripted in a typically French sarcastic and mocking style, should squash the notion that the Yellow Vests are just dissatisfied leftists:

When our community defense teams inspire some cute chicks to mock the “non-stop puppet show” of international bankers, successful hippies and denounce flower power, globalism, militarized police, etc., all as an old joke no one believes any more, while praising small businesses, rednecks and families, we will know we’re on the right track.

While the French Yellow Vest movement, and their specific sense of nationalism, is uniquely suitable for the French people, and no other, there is much for us to learn from our French nationalist brothers and sisters in their ongoing struggle against our shared globalist oppressors.

Vive les gilets jaunes de France!


Disclaimer: I had mounted the vest in the photo at top to a fence at the front of our Tennessee property in a show of support of the French Yellow Vests. However, after processing the pic for this article I realized that it looked too similar to a roadside memorial for road workers killed on the job. Several of these memorials are in this area, which can be more dangerous than typical for that line of work due to the rough terrain and often limited visibility. Out of respect to the local families who have lost loved ones while performing this valuable service maintaining infrastructure for all of us, I later removed the vest from the fence. My respect and support for the French Yellow Vests remains undiminished.

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One thing I’ve read is that this is not “one” group (say, dock workers) whose grievances can be separately addressed, but a “coalition” as it were of many disparate groups.
This makes it much different from past protests.
Also, this makes it much more difficult to control.

Nice take and synopsis.


Good job writing this Tom. Spot on with everything I’m saying.
Hey, if you need them, I have saved every piece i’ve come across since November on the Yellow Vests. Your more than welcome to the links. Been keeping them because of that news blackout. Figure it will come in handy. Those guys need all the support they can get. Almost total 5th column blackout on the movement. And leaderless resistance is what to watch and learn from. It matters seriously. Very much suited to us patriots here. Of course, in our own, unique American style.
I’m waiting for the mandarin’s in Brussels to really get fed up, because dirt people have the audacity to defy them on the world stage, so double down, and create a continent wide wild fire of resistance to them. They got themselves in a serious pickle. They can’t back down because illusion of power. Can’t use concentrated deadly force because they know they will get caught cracking down. And Macaroni’s let em eat cake hubris in the beginning was a huge mistake. Trying to use violent/commie fake shills to discredit the grass roots open source nature of the YV, has been a disaster on the ground level from on the ground comments, really cheesy too, as it was so obvious to the real insurgency.
I love the leaderless resistance style they went with at the start. It really is effective resistance. Thru the oligarch’s for a real loop, they never even recognized it till about 3 weeks in. Eyes wide shut.
Thing is they still haven’t grasped the fundamental reality here. These people are, and know without doubt, they are legitimate in their grievances and their wrath. They have every conceivable fundamental natural right to reject the son of a bitches tyranny.
They can not get rid of this defiance. If it goes quiet, its only cause it went to ground, under the radar, the people will still be there and their cold anger will focus on another insurgency action.
Its not unlike the Tea Party, no matter what they tried to do it keeps popping up. Last time as 64 million who voted for Mr. Trump. And they think Mueller and his flea circus palace coup attempt will give them back their good old days. Not. Brussel’s hasn’t figured that out either. There. Is. No. Going. Back. Now. For any of us politically.
Been watching this carefully, cause I always figured small pods of leaderless resistance will form in the states. They will associate to some degree, and a certain style will be common. It won’t take long to figure out what works well, and has the best effect.
The globullists can’t help themselves. Clumsy. They been out of the boots on the ground type of imposition of tyranny too long, living fat and lazy on NATO’s welfare. Same with the clowns on this side of the Atlantic. But Banksters are a different breed of tyrant. They need whole armies when it goes kinetic to do their bidding.
Interesting times indeed!


[…] At the top of the order, as the elites implode, is the great Tom Baugh of Starving The Monkey’s, and When To Shoot The Colonel’s fame, with an excellent piece on the Yellow Vests. I believe we got to support of French brothers & sisters in Liberty, throwing off the chains of the dirty stinking globalists. Spread this around id you care, they are under an almost total false media complex black-out: Yellow Vests and You […]


[…] Interesting perspectives on France. […]


Tom, I have some other thoughts which have been rattling around in my mind.The globalists campaign to disenfranchise and de-legitimize the Yellow Vests is rote propaganda. We see the same 5th column media complex committing the same false narratives and memes, same thought policing, across the hemisphere.
I think often, how more each day, are those who refuse to comply or consent to the thought policing any longer.
Are there enough of us who reject wholesale the system of the big lie to effect positive change yet. The change that evolves from a certain plurality who refuse to be denied their dignity and worth. A legion of grass roots leaderless resistance people of the kind and quantifiable volume in numbers who change the dialectic.
I believe it is happening. Though such things are very difficult to quantify or qualify until suddenly such a legion I’m talking about becomes a force in its own right who effect positive change, people with self determining human nature and cultural nurture who will not be denied.
I think too, the Yellow Vests in many ways are indicative of such a legion of grass roots organic open source rejection wholesale of the statist-quo, who are becoming that Legion.
If I had to present proof of my notions here, I would say the truth of what I’m saying about such a plurality who withdraw its consent, is the globalists on both side of the Atlantic have ramped up their rhetoric, their attempts, to disguise and sell the marxist cake made of feces as something yummy covered in soothing buttercream frosting, using every con and grift in the book, bully tactics, nullification of every redress and petition against them and their agenda, along with the advent of a fresh face radical young turk’s attempt to eclipse the old Trotskyite guard through primary election gerrymander tactics, speaks to the threat this burgeoning legion on the cusp of nullifying a century of socialist usurpation is.
In the West you can not stop this plurality once it reaches critical mass. The necessary tactics to put it down at that stage used in various totalitarian and banana republic states, posses an extremely high risk of backfiring existentially.


[…] The growing Yellow Vest (Gilets Jaunes) phenomenon in France is an important milestone in the evolution of resistance to the globalist self-selected elites. Unsurprisingly, the usual globalist suspects are using their power and influence to divert attention from this movement, and to subvert or muddy the waters regarding their intentions. Here is what I’ve been able to glean from what information has been leaking out, the various opinions and reactions, and how this movement educates us about our own domestic future. MORE […]