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Repost: Rules of the House

ed. This is a repost of an article from last year, prior to the new blog format here. Those who followed my advice to watch “Welcome to Leith” will recognize some of the lessons-learned from that mockumentary, especially the need to have a light touch on the community even in the face of official hostility. […]

Georgia Open Records Act

Leech City has released a new article in its leechwatching tools series, this time about the Georgia Open Records Act, or GORA for short. In terms of behavorial modification, the previous article in this series described the Georgia Open Meetings Act, a means by which public officials, our servants, can come face-to-face with their masters. […]

Welcome to Leith, Georgia

Although we’re throttling back on posts to enjoy this Christmas with friends and family, we want to make a video recommendation. This video is required viewing for all those interested in putting their local tyrants on a leash. Welcome to Leith is a recent documentary about the efforts of a small town to ward off […]

Three Blind Manassas Mice Agree To Training

As posted over at Leech City, Manassas city council members have finally relented and agreed to attend the state-mandated training for elected officials in the new year. We take full credit for this development. For years, the council members (Audrey solely excepted) had been steadfast in their refusal to attend this training. As such, this […]

Exclusive Pixie Mafia Interview

Leech City has released an interview with the Pixie Mafia, a psyop article that is laced with triggers for the local crime and corruption syndicate. The most important trigger is the name itself. The local syndicate prefers to call itself the Dixie Mafia, which was a real thing along the Mississippi Gulf Coast before the […]

Leech City Update, City Attorney Resigns Again

Leech City has posted notes from the December Reidsville city council meeting, which we attended. Our regular readers will recall that Reidsville’s newly hired city attorney, B. Jay Swindell, who was the Manassas city attorney when that city’s mayor falsely accused me of criminal behavior during city council meetings, resigned that post a few months […]

Leech City Posts Open Meetings Requirements

Leech City has posted an article about Georgia’s Open Meetings Act and its requirements for how public officials are to conduct themselves while performing public business, including what constitutes an illegal meeting, which we call a clandestine meeting. Also important is the requirement to allow audio or video recording without permission. Although these laws vary […]

Leech City Update, 3 Dec 2016

In the past week or so, Leech City has had a few updates. The most important of these is the satirical description of a theft of a log (yes, some people will steal anything). We’re still letting that one work its magic on the local criminal psyche. In the meantime, we think that how that […]